Why do Walls Impact Baby Monitor Range?



If you have children, you certainly have had a baby monitor. Although not everyone uses it, a baby monitor is something that helps many parents to monitor their babies. By using a baby monitor parents can do usual activities in the house without forgetting about the baby.

But, baby monitors sometimes can not function optimally. If you have a lot of walls in your house, you might realize that walls can block baby monitor signals. Take a look at this guide on the top rated long range baby monitors after considering wall interference.

The wall was able to block the signal. How could this happen? The radiation emitted by the baby monitor can be absorbed by the wall. If you have a lot of walls in your house, of course that will greatly affect the performance of the baby monitor. 

For example your baby monitor should be able to reach 600 feet, but because of the wall, after 300 feet you can not get a signal for baby monitors.

The wall can indeed be a barrier. Baby monitors need signals just like the telephone and the internet. If you use a baby monitor, the more walls the weaker the signal you get. The effect of quality degradation will be very clear if there are many walls in the house.

Scientifically, even though a signal is something emanating from a digital device, but the signal can spread due to the help of radio waves. Have you ever experienced your radio suddenly lost its signal when the car you were driving through a tunnel? That’s how the signal can work. The wall will block the signal to reach the required points.

If you have a lot of walls in your house, you might experienced delay on your baby monitor. Usually the walls that make the signal blocked are walls made of brick or cement. Besides these materials, the signal is usually able to penetrate and work well. 

Even though it can still operate, the presence of any wall material can reduce the strength of your baby’s monitor signal.

If your house is full of walls, even if you buy a baby monitor with the highest price or with the best brand, they won’t work optimally. Therefore, before deciding to buy a baby monitor, make sure you consult with the seller first. Tell the truth about the condition of your home so you can get baby monitor with the best quality.

 To get the best monitor, try to do research on the internet first. Look for items with good reviews. You can also ask your friends or relatives who have dealt with baby monitors before. The more information you get, the more you will have an idea of ​​how to deal with baby monitor’s signals.

One of the tips that you can try so that you don’t face problems with baby monitor signals is to make the Nursery room locatedin the middle of the house. This will makes the baby monitor give a more comprehensive signal. 

By placing a baby Monitor in the middle of the house, the signal range will be easier to spread rather than if you put the Nursery room in the corner of the house that is blocked by many walls.