Types Of Chips Used In Poker

People love to play many variants of poker and each game requires chips. Chips are of various types and people can use them in physical casinos as well as online ones. One such online casino is result sgp where people can find a lot of games and use the chips to place the bets according to the rules of the game. There are many types of chips, which can be used in home games and casinos. Some of these chips are as follows.

Plastic supermarket chips

The quality of these poker chips is very low and they are available at an affordable cost. The chips can be used by those players who do not play poker games seriously but play just for fun. There are many companies that manufacture these chips. The chips consist of ridges around the edges. Stacking and holding the chips is very easy. One disadvantage is that the ridges do not interlock, so chips may slip.

Plastic super diamond chips

 The quality of these chips is a little better than the supermarket ones and these are also easily available in the market. These chips have a little more weight in comparison to plastic supermarket chips. These chips are good for those people who want to play and practice different types of poker games. The chips are available at an affordable cost and are available in single color. These chips are not good for serious players. People who want to play and enjoy poker games with friends can use it.

ABS suited/dice chips

These are very common chips and people can find them in the market easily. The chips are known as dice chips because they have a ring of dice around the edges. People who like to play poker games a home can purchase these chips. The chips are of good quality in comparison to the plastic chips. The chips are designed in such a way that people can use them easily. The chips do not get damaged easily. A piece of metal can be found on the center of the chips due to which it has a little more weight. The chips are slippery in nature so they should be handled carefully.

Mid-range plastic chips

These are also plastic chips but the process of making them is different from the supermarket and diamond chips. These chips are soft and are available at an affordable cost. The chips are not much slippery and stacking them is very easy. The chips have soft and dull surface, which makes the stacking easy. Another advantage of these chips is that people can customize them as per tier likes and requirements. The look of these chips is not nice but still people purchase them because of affordable cost.

Faux clay

The chips come at an affordable price and have a grittier texture. This texture helps in holding the chips easily. People can shuffle them together easily.

Wrapping Up

These are some types of chips, which people can use at home. The chips that are used in casinos are ceramic chips, injection molded chips, and clay composite chips.