Tips to get the uae international driving license

An IDP is an official document that enables drivers to use their home country’s driver’s license in other countries legally. With an IDP, it is easy to avoid language complications and possible legal problems in the foreign nation. Here are 5 easy steps that may help you in getting your uae international driving license easily.

  • Now that you know what an IDP is, you can start planning for it

An IDP means it is a legal translation of your current UAE driver’s license. These include the specifics of your identification, your eligibility to drive, and the class of vehicle you’re permitted to drive in, and this information is available in 10 major global languages. As it is now accepted in more than 175 countries, it is important to have when driving in foreign countries as it offers legal rights.

  • Key Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a UAE IDP, an individual must possess a clean copy of the UAE Driving License and be either a UAE citizen or a legal resident of the country. In this regard, the IDP is offered to all residents and foreigners who fit these legal requirements. Also, a valid passport, Emirates ID card, and 2 recent passport photos will be required if you are applying for the attestation services of Emirates ID.

  • Gather the Right Documentation

The following paperwork makes the IDP application easy because one will already have them in hand. You will also be required to present photocopies of your valid UAE drivers’ license, passport, Emirates ID card, and your residence visa, if any. The copies must be clear and all details must be visible, the documents must be printed on A4 size papers. Make sure that you also carry 2 passport photos that have been printed.  

  • Understand Your Application Options 

When applying for the UAE IDP, you can either apply online or go to any of the designated offices. The application form is available online through the ATCUAE and usually it takes 2-3 working days to process and deliver the document. Instant option is at an RTA office or branch, Emirates Post Office, an agent or Dnata office. This way your IDP is printed while you wait, it may take between 30-60 minutes in total.

  • Pay the Fees

The total fees that one is required to pay to be able to get the IDP in the UAE are 177 AED plus an additional AED 20 in knowledge and innovation fee. They can be paid either in cash or in kind i. e. through credit cards that accept MasterCard and Visa. There are no hidden costs such as service charges or mandatory tips on top of the government prescribed charges.

  • Get Going with Confidence

You can now hit the road abroad with ease once you have the official international driving permit from the UAE at hand. Your IDP ensures that they will not question your ability to legally drive and there will be no misunderstandings due to language barriers or about the authenticity of your license abroad. So drive safe on the road and make your journeys so much more fun with the liberty of being your own driver!


Obtaining a UAE International Driving Permit via rta driving test is a straightforward process that offers significant benefits for drivers traveling abroad. By following the outlined steps, including meeting eligibility requirements, gathering necessary documents, and choosing the appropriate application method, as well as paying the required fees, you can secure your IDP with ease. This valuable document provides peace of mind in addiiton to legal protection, allowing you to confidently explore foreign roads without language barriers or legal complications.