Top 3 Digital Transformations in Kenya

Digital Transformation has left no thread untouched. The world currently operates within a digital environment. Kenya was a late adapter of this transformation, but it has eventually developed practices that most countries till now have yet not achieved. Transformations in the financial sector, automobile sectors, and telecom sector by using TIMS account registration have revolutionized the Kenyan economy.

This article discusses the digital transformation like in the form of TIMS account registration and how the incorporation of this technique has uplifted Kenya’s position in the global forefront.

Three Revolutionary Digital Transformations in Kenya

  • Automobile Registration:

Kenya has its system specially designed for the registration and handling of the automobile sector. Digitization of this sector is one of the greatest achievements for Kenya. The TIMS account registration was digitized with the advent of the digital transformation era. Ever since then, all the services offered by the NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority) have been transferred to this digital platform. 

This transformation allowed people to carry out works related to their vehicles sitting at their homes, without having to visit the NTSA office. This facility includes vehicle registration, inspection, ownership transfer, application for smart Driving License, etc.

  • Digitization in the Finance Sector:

The finance sector is one of the most important sectors of a country. In Kenya, the complete finance and banking sector is digitized. With the digital transformation of the banking sector, people could transfer money, pay bills, and have a cashless society. These apps in return reward the consumer for transactions that they make. People were able to know and control their bank account activities from their mobiles. The digitization process helped in saving people’s time and added more security to the money transfer process.

  • Telecom Digitization:

The telecom industry satisfies their greatest needs of humans – Communication. With the digitization of the telecom industry, it has become easier for companies to understand the consumption pattern and needs of the people. Each company launches its plans accordingly. This also keeps a healthy competition alive and benefits the public with the best offers. Telecom digital transformation is one of the greatest achievements of Kenya which boosts its growth.

Digitization is undoubtedly the need of the hour. It has emerged as a blessing. For a country like Kenya which was untouched by development for many years, digitization is the bridge that connects it to the world. Digital transformation can surely boost up the economy of all the countries in the world if used properly.