The Disadvantages of a Tripod Stand

A selection of camera tripods photographed on the beach at West Bay in Dorset, taken on February 3, 2015. (Photo by Joby Sessions/N-Photo Magazine)

Picking a tripod stand can be a devastating experience, given how many choices and types you’re presented with. A tripod is such a simple device to keep your camera stable when using them in such a challenging condition of light.

On the other hand, several variables should be considered when picking a tripod stand like how stable it is, how light it should be, the kind of weight that supports, how tall it should be, and others. Those are some questions that come up when you are going to buy a tripod stand in Sri Lanka at The 3000 Store.

Why the tripod is needed?

So, what are the purposes of a tripod stand? You may need one for these following reasons:

  • To increase the depth of field and sharpness of your picture by keeping your camera upright when utilizing slow shutter speed in a low-light environment.
  • Increasing the image’s quality by keeping the ISO of the camera low.
  • Allowing more precise composition whilst framing the shot.
  • Taking a picture of some nighttime objects like stars, planet, moon, etc.
  • Doing a selfie with the camera timer
  • Shooting difficult angles.
  • Shooting video without vibration.
  • Shooting excessive macro or close-ups of objects such as insects, flowers, etc.
  • Shooting panoramic and HDR shots that need the same picture framing along with exact precision.

Disadvantages of a tripod stand

A tripod stand is great as well as giving you various options to get a quality image. Nonetheless, there are also some disadvantages when using tripods, particularly:

  • Inconvenient

No matter how collapsible and small it is, it always occupies space makes it inconvenient to travel with.

  • Heavy

Even though your tripod is made from carbon-fiber, at the time you add the tripod heads, the tripod setup will be heavier.

  • Expensive

Since it comes with various purposes, a tripod will cost you much. If you buy a cheap tripod stand, it will easily damage.

  • Unoccupied space

Tripod is ideal to use in an unoccupied space and will be tricky to use in a crowded environment.

  • Missing the best moment

As a tripod need a time setup, you will need much time to set it up and you probably can miss the best moment you must have been captured.

Now that you have known the purposes and disadvantages of a tripod stand, you probably are wondering which tripod you are going to buy. Considering how often you are going to use it will help you to determine which tripods are best. A cheap tripod stand is quite good if you do not use it often.

On the other hand, if you are using it often, you may need to buy the expensive one as it is equipped with more complicated tripod components. However, if you heavily rely on a tripod stand is recommended to buy two or even three different tripods to ultimately finish up with the best.

It may seem that it’s difficult to avoid buying multiple tripods since it’s often unworkable to excuse the cost for someone who doesn’t usually use a tripod stand.