How to Choose a Small Speaker at Home

Bluetooth speakers are popular with everyone. The main reason is that it is convenient to use. You can carry it around. The prices of Bluetooth speakers in the market vary. The price is from more than ten pounds to thousands of pounds. In such an environment, how can users choose a suitable Bluetooth speaker? This article brings you some Bluetooth speakers with better quality.

Let’s talk about some mainstream Bluetooth technologies. The first is SBC Bluetooth technology. SBC is a mandatory encoding format for the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile protocol. All Bluetooth devices support this protocol. This protocol will compress the audio data when processing. It will damage the sound quality. The second is Advanced Audio Coding Bluetooth technology. This Bluetooth technology was created to replace MP3. The sound quality is better than SBC. The third is APTX algorithm. The coding efficiency of this algorithm is higher. It can retain many details of sound. It makes its final broadcast effect better than the first two. The last one is LDAC wireless audio coding technology. The efficiency of this compression technology is more than three times higher than that of the previous three. It is the best wireless audio coding technology. Both the smart device side and the Bluetooth speaker side must support certain technologies before using. Otherwise, only SBC transmission can be used between smart devices and Bluetooth speakers. Users can look at the transmission protocol before purchasing.

How to choose Bluetooth speaker? We should consider the scenarios used. Who uses Bluetooth speakers, or under what circumstances? We can divide the users who use Bluetooth speakers into two types. The first kind of users have traditional speakers. They buy Bluetooth speakers as a supplement. The other is limited to the use environment. They cannot use high-power speakers. The first kind of users choose Bluetooth speakers with small size. It is convenient. The second kind of users need to consider the functions. For example, computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. They will consider the actual situation. We should consider the price. Price is an important basis for our purchase. Not 100 pounds of sound quality can be ten times better than 10 pounds of sound quality. Users who buy 100 pounds of Bluetooth speakers can never stand the sound quality of 10 pounds.

The Bluetooth speaker recommended to you today is HUAWEI’s HONOR Mini speaker. This Mini Speaker for sale in UK. It has a high cost performance. Interested partners can go and have a look.

I hope this article can provide some help when you buy Bluetooth speakers.