Overnight Desert Safari it’s a tour with no 1 company

Overnight Desert safari is an amazing night experience in the Arabian desert. It is full of entertaining activities. Spending a night at the desert is so refreshing. The desert is so calm and peaceful at night. The temperature is so cool and the sky looks beautiful. Dubai is known because of the wonders and one of the wonders is an overnight desert safari. Imagine sitting at the desert in night. The idea is so beautiful. Admire the beautiful sky which is full of stars shining brightly and the moonlight that is adding more beauty to the sky. There is silence in the desert and you can have some time alone in the desert. You can also bring your family or friends and have some quality time with them in the desert.

Camping is love:

Camping is more preferred in the desert because there is very little disturbance and the camp activities are really interesting. Camping and overnight desert safari make the best combo for sure.

The folk dance:

The camp activities represent Arabian culture. If you book an overnight desert safari, our driver will pick you from your respective location and will take you to the Arabian desert at the camp. The camp activities are not average they are so fascinating. To start with the Tanoura show which is a folkloric dance and it beautifully represents the Arabian culture. The tanoura performers wear Tanoura costume which is a multicolored skirt and they start to take turns and they spin around continuously for 30 minutes and when they stop they don’t feel dizzy at all. They are so much experienced. They practice it a lot. Get a chance to see the live performance. They connect with Sufism and it is soothing to watch them perform.

Playing with fire:

The next is the fire show. To play with fire is an art and not everybody is an artist. The way the performers play with fire, like wow. Their performance is so fiery. They use objects lie rings, fire strings, etc. Manipulation with fire is not an easy task. Watch them perform live.


Henna art or henna painting is also available at overnight desert safari. It is surprising for girls. The henna artists are perfectionists and they know many designs. Decorate your hands and feet beautifully with henna.

Belly dancing:

Belly dancing is also famous at overnight desert safari. The belly dancers look so graceful while dancing. They also practice a lot and are very well trained.

Photography scenes:

Arabic costume photography is so interesting. Wear the Arabic costume and take pictures. Get the feel of the Arabs.

You can also do Royal bird photography. Capture all the moments.


Dinner is also included in the package. The dinner includes buffet and barbeque. It is an Arabic cuisine and it is made with Arabic flavors and spices. Have your dinner while enjoying the camp activities.

The best part is that you can sleep if you want at the camp. Sleeping bags and blankets will be provided to you. If you don’t want t sleep then you can spend some time in the desert. It is so pleasing to the soul.


To have all this fun book overnight desert safari.

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