3 most popular festivals in Tanzania

The United Republic of Tanzania is a combination of multiple lands on African soil, multiple nationalities, religions, colours, and many more.

It is natural and unquestioning that there will be many large and varied celebrations taking place throughout the year, where sports, music, religion, dance, arts and many other areas are celebrated annually in a unique and distinctive way.

Festivals in Tanzania are not limited to one city, race or group, diversity as is the source of joy in that country.

With all this, this is where joy and happiness will take part, as tourism to that country, both in the near future and beyond, is tantamount to opening a door of pleasure and delight to the soul and the human spirit.

Of course, tourism in Tanzania is able to attend many official and informal celebrations and the participation of indigenous people.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania to attend one of the celebrations, you will not hesitate for a moment.

Here are the top three festivals and events in Tanzania and a schedule of major holidays, festivals and public holidays.

Union Day (April 26)

One of the most important national festivals in Tanzania, if not the most important one, has a special place among the Tanzanian people. This commemoration is a celebration of the unification of Zanzibar islands and Tanganyika, which have become the country under the name: The United Republic of Tanzania.

Date: 26th of April of each year.

Location: All over Tanzania.

On this day, the streets of Tanzania are filled with crowds and rallies everywhere, celebrating National Unity Day, waving the flags of the United Republic of Tanzania everywhere, with the well-known slogan of the day, which is written on all flags – “unity is a strength.” Not only this, but you will see many unique African music shows and dances, which are held on this day after a great struggle between the natives of the Republic for many centuries. Of course, on these day’s active politicians are taking advantage of various speeches that help them increase their numbers. Celebrations of this day are many, starting from morning until late at night, where in the morning there are marches with flags and cheers with slogans, then African musicals, shows and dances, and then special presentations based on the archaic country there. But of course, this does not rule out the existence of famous and international music types such as hip hop and jazz. This combination of heritage and evolution gives an unprecedented pattern to this distinctive celebration. Not to mention the pleasure of being on the beaches and celebrating them especially in the evening on the old African roads, with the atmosphere of joy and celebration everything becomes beautiful.

So, it is a celebration not only for the people, but also for everyone who is present in the country that day.

The Union took place on the twenty sixth day of the month of April of 1964 when the Zanzibar and Tanzania islands united. On the day of the Union, one of them made us think that someone was very smart and had many metaphors. Someone brought a little sand from one of Zanzibar’s beaches. Someone also brought some sand from the one of the Tanganyika beaches, and then mixed them together in reference to the completion of the union, also in reference to the call of the people of the two sides to fusion. It leaves an immortal image in the minds of all the audience and all the people to keep the appendages of this scene so far present helping the people to maintain their unity.

After all this, we think that you would certainly like to experience this day on Tanzanian territory every year, so do not hesitate, do it and you will never regret it.

Karibu fair (June 7-9)

This exhibition is one of the most important and oldest tourist exhibitions held annually in Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, where hundreds of different tour operators make exclusive offers of their products in the country and competitive offers include the availability of local tourism service providers.

The theme is not only to provide a distinctive range of tour guides but also to cover many other aspects of tourism and various activities, between the contributions of wild clubs and mountain climbing activities and the necessities of tools, transport and camping activities, which also includes all tools and supplies, technicians.

Location: Magareza ground, Arusha

Time: June (note that this event is annual and not limited to this month only)

The meeting of travel agents and officials of tourism companies each year at this time represents a real opportunity for anyone to explore.Everyone is welcome, especially those who think about travel and tourism in Tanzania. There isthe constant competition among companies leads to competitive offers and record prices to the highest quality possible.

The exhibition is not limited to foreign tourists only, but there are also many offers that are available to the local people for tourism abroad or even domestic tourism offers. The exhibition is located in the center of many tourist destinations in Tanzania. The exhibition is held every year and has a wide range of activities. It has become an international exhibition for thousands of people from both local and foreign countries. The exhibition also offers advice on tourism, promotionand encouragement of local and international tourism.

The most important thing is meeting of agents and official representatives of companies. The subject within a formal framework will not trick you or something like that, as many attends, and many offer progresses with the most beautiful offers of various Safari packages as well as many places in Tanzania.

The common mix of the exhibition cannot be missed, so when thinking about travel and tourism to the United Republic of Tanzania, the first thing you think about is attending this exhibition which will benefit you to the highest degree whatever your tourist plans are. So, don’t hesitate and come with your friends.

Kilimanjaro Marathon (March 3)

The event is held annually and internationally around the base of Mount Kilimanjaro as shown by the name Marathon. The distance from start to finish is 42.2 km when choosing the full distance. Another option is to choose a half-distance race of 21.1 km.

The marathon is organized and managed by the Tanzanian Athletics Association and the Tanzanian Tourism Board for the single objective of promoting the sport in general and promoting the sport in Tanzania in particular.

Location: Moshi stadium

Time: 3 March (need to mention this event is held annually and not limited only to this month mentioned).

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the highest mountains in Africa and is classified as the highest single standing mountain in the world. The highest mountain range in the world is the Himalayas and specifically the Everest summit.

The African mountain symbolizes Kili, a popular tourist attraction in Tanzania, but in Africa in general. The Marathon Year Course is the thirteenth since its creation and its full registration at the IAAF. Participants enjoy the complete system of organizing the event and time management, as well as the supplies that the contestants may need as regular refreshments. The crowds are massively mobilized each year to follow this exciting historical event involving contestants from all over the world and diverse nationalities.

Let’s talk a little bit about the marathon: we start from the end, where there is a musician waiting for you as a rider, a lot of entertainment and festive atmosphere, and as a follower there are many services such as renting umbrellas, eating and selling outlets and also drinks and fast food.

For the race, the minimum age of the contestant is 21 years for the full race, and 18 for half the distance (21 km). There are stops for water supply after every 4 kilometers, or energy and any specific drinks. As a viewer keep your belongings always with you and leave nothing of value in the equipment storage tent. There is a parking lot outside the stadium on Mweka Street for followers and non-participants.

The marathon route passes through many small villages and farms, giving a charming touch of encouragement from the locals through constant voice support. You will also enjoy as a follower of musical ensembles and a great play before and after the marathon in this festive atmosphere. Many local and international dignitaries will attend the awards ceremony.

If you are a fan of the sport, this event will change your passion for running races to a great extent.

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List of other major festivals

  • January – New Year’s Day
  • February – None
  • March – Kilimanjaro Marathon
  • April – Good Friday, Union Day
  • May – Labour Day
  • June – Karibu Travel and Tourism fair
  • July – Mwaka Kogwa Festival, Saba Saba Day
  • August – Nane Nane Day
  • September – None
  • October – Nyerere Day, Bagamoyo Arts Festival
  • November – Swahili Fashion Week
  • December – Christmas, Independence Day, Boxing Day