Reviewing gaming monitors like a pro: Guide for new gamers!

You may have the best gaming console, but to have an engaging and immersive experience, you also need the right gaming monitor. With endless products being sold in the market, selecting one can be an overwhelming affair, especially if you are a new gaming enthusiast, who doesn’t understand much about screens. First things first, when it comes to gaming, you don’t need the biggest screen available in the market. All you need is a good 4K gaming monitor with screen size of no more than 30-inch, because you will be close to the screen and would want to have a check on all of it. In this post, we are sharing the basics about gaming monitors worth knowing.

Which panel to buy?

There are two kinds of gaming monitors that you can consider – TN panels and IPS Panels. TN panels are known for lower latency and better refresh rates, so for gamers, this could be a better choice. Also, these monitors don’t cost a fortune as compared to IPS counterparts. Color reproduction is not that great, and you may have an issue with the viewing angles of TN screens. IPS panels score in these departments but have higher latency. If you don’t mind paying a tad more, IPS panels are better for visual experience.

Refresh rate is important

For the uninitiated, refresh rate is the frequency at which the monitor refreshes image onscreen every second. If you don’t want to go into complications, just know that you will get much smoother visuals and better images with a higher refresh rate. It also adds to the responsiveness, which is a critical aspect for gamers. At the least, you should be looking at 60htz.

Consider the right size and resolution

As we had mentioned earlier, the right size of your gaming monitor is important for many reasons. Most gamers don’t stay too away from the screen, at least not more than a distance of three to four-feet, and therefore, an oversized monitor is anything but a relevant investment. Most experienced users recommend anywhere between 24 and 30-inch monitors, depending on what kind of usage you have. As for the resolution, 1080p or full HD is the basic, but if you really want an incredible apunka games experience, go for 4k screen, but ensure that you have a good graphics card for the setup.

Check and shortlist gaming monitors now and find your best pick!