Premium proofreading services


Inkmypapers provides high-quality English proofreading services that are ideal for authors who want to double-check their manuscript draughts for basic grammar and consistency before submitting them.Proofreading services are appropriate for academics, students, executives, and professionals confident that their writing is free of significant grammatical errors.Following the designer has created page proofs, proofreading takes place after editing and layout.While copy editing mistakes may still be discovered, a proofreader is more concerned with other factors.All design components, including headers, level heads, page numbering, word breaks, end-of-line breaks, page breaks, cross-references, and suitable placement of tables and artwork, are checked for accuracy and consistency by the proofreader.Completing the table of contents, index, and numbering of cross-references may also be included in the English proofreading service.

Reasonable and affordable pricing for the proofreading services

The meager prices are based on a flat fee of 12$per thousand words, and they remain the same regardless of the work’s complexity or the number of revisions required.The result would not have been accepted if proofreading had not been done.Customers contacted in the past to have their work checked after it was rejected due to too many English spelling and grammar problems on the first submission.The document will be accepted for publication in the majority of these situations after it had been proofread.Language experts and professionals who are native English speakers will proofread the document or the material at inkmypapers.

Our editors are experts in a wide range of professional and academic sectors, and they are prepared to fine-tune the specific type of document. The experts will make sure the work is free of all English language problems (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typography). It has a more professional style, clarity, sentence structure, and coherence. Inkmypapers believe that client happiness is critical to success and treat the customers and their work with the same respect.

Inkmypapers have continued to live by this philosophy throughout the years and have been lucky enough to win many clients’ return business.That is the highest compliment somebody can receive. Language can make or break an assignment, particularly when unable to convey or articulate the thoughts to the professor or teacher. The academic proofreaders in Singapore will be sure to add value to the work, whether to fix a mistake in the paper or need another set of eyes to make sure it’s perfect in language usage.

The experts and the excellent proofreaders of inkmypapers enter the picture,eliminating any uncertainties or fears about broken English or humiliating blunders. This error-free content is entirely achieved by using a professional proofreading service. Proofreading entails thoroughly inspecting the document or the content for typographical and grammatical flaws and correcting them.


Proofreading content demonstrates that one cares about what they publish and that will show confidence in the work. This proofreading also improves the content quality without any issues or mistakes.It is essential that the work produced should be devoid of faults and inaccuracies in order to maintain the readers’ attention.