Country First: How Patriotism Is Expressed Around the World

Though America is perhaps more divided than ever when it comes to political issues, one thing remains — patriotism. While many people have different ideas of what’s good for America, a huge percentage of American’s share a love for the country

And it’s no wonder why. America was created for liberals or for conservatives. It was created as a diverse nation that supports the belief that man shapes his own destiny. 

But patriotism isn’t just an American sentiment. In fact, country’s like India and Australia are right behind America for thinking that they’re the best country in the world. While you might not agree and think that America is the best, you can still admire the sentiment of patriotism, and understand the positive impacts it has. 

This article will walk you through the way patriotism is expressed throughout the world, and how you can express it yourself. 

What Is Patriotism? 

Patriotism is a love of one’s country. It means that someone is vigorously and enthusiastically devoted to serving their country, and wants their best for it. Patriots are willing to make sacrifices for the good of their nation. 

Patriots often find themselves happy, because they’re tied to roots. They can look back with pride at the past of the country, and therefore are able to better plan for the future. It’s no wonder why many patriots are also devoted to their families. 

There’s a big difference between patriotism and nationalism. Nationalism is more about power, about being more prideful of a “nationality” than a specific countries’ history. This leads to toxic ideas such as racism; a great example of a nationalist country was Germany under the power of Hitler.

Patriotism expresses the common good of the country. It doesn’t focus on one nationality, because it understands that many nationalities come together to create a country. Patriots in America remember that Irish, Italian, Latin American, especially Chinese immigrants help build the infrastructure of this country. 

How Is Patriotism Expressed Around the World?

Patriotism is expressed around the world in all sorts of different ways. Let’s see some of the things that most countries have in common. 


One of the biggest pride of a country is the literature that they export. Literature is the pinnacle of human thought, broken down into stories and unique language. It’s much easier to understand than philosophy. 

Different countries have ways of honoring their literary icons. Dublin celebrates Bloomsday every year, the day that legendary Irish novel Ulysses by James Joyce takes place. Britain honors Shakespeare by constantly supporting his works through the Royal Shakespeare Company. 

America has famous literary figures too. Writer Thomas Pynchon might be famously reclusive, but he’s considered one of the best living writers in the world. His experimental novel Gravity’s Rainbow is considered one of the best novels of the second half of the twentieth century. 

American literary figures run the political gamut, from the socialism of science-fiction writer Kurt Vonnegut to the conservatism of modernist poet Wallace Stevens. You can take refuge in the rugged old-world masculinity of Hemingway and Faulkner, or explore the perspectives on the future in writers such as Don Delillo, John Barth, and Junot Diaz.

If you’re Jewish-American — read some Philip Roth. If you’re a woman — read Emily Dickinson. If you’re gay — why not check out Walt Whitman?

No matter who you are, American literature is a wonderful way to express your patriotism and devotion to your country. 


Many countries also express the pride of their nation through the music that most dear to them. Jamaica reveres its international music icon, Bob Marley, as a saint-like figure.

The famous jazz musician Antonio Carlos Jobim enjoys a different sort of celebrity after his death. He’s widely considered the father of a famous style of music — Bossa Nova. His composition “The Girl From Ipanema” was incorporated deeply into the Olympic games hosted in brazil in 2016. 

America has native styles of music too. Both Jazz and Country music were innovated by common, working Americans. Jazz in particular — with its emphasis on improvisation and spontaneity — captures the soul of America in its complexity and esteem. 

Consider attending a country music festival or jazz festival to show your national pride. Check out the musical performances of Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau, who sought to bring jazz and country together in uniquely American-sounding music. 


Other than art, perhaps the biggest thing that nations express pride in is their sports teams. Japan loves baseball, Ireland loves rugby, and most of the world is head-over-heels for soccer. You can bet that some of the biggest shows of patriotism happen when the FIFA World Cup rolls around, and people get to watch their favorite players compete on the world’s stage. 

On top of this, there’s the Olympics. The Olympics are practically designed for patriotism: Every four years, the world gets to come together for a friendly, yet competitive, series of athletic competitions. The Olympics breeds patriotism and allows people to gain the experience of witnessing the patriotism of other countries. 

Ways to Show Patriotism

There are many different ways to show your patriotism in addition to supporting sports and the arts.

Consider attending town-hall meetings for your local representatives. Voice your opinions, so that your local government can hear the voice of the common people. If you have the free time, consider serving as a trustee. 

To show off your patriotism, you can also make sure to celebrate national holidays, such as Independence Day, memorial day, and Veterans Day. 

If you’re an American looking to express your patriotism, check out Flagpole Farms. They boast the sale of the Titan Telescoping Flagpole, one of the best flagpoles in the business, sure to express your patriotism as deeply as you feel it. 

Support Your Country

While politics are very divided, patriotism still runs strong in the United States of America. There are many ways to show your patriotism, whether it’s engaging in sports, the arts, or simply buying yourself a stronger flagpole. 

Engaging in patriotism helps tie you to your roots, so you can better orient yourself in the world. 

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