Best book to prefer for Class 9 Board Exam

Maths is not a subject which can be understood and learnt in the nick of time. It needs a stable foundation and a lot of constant repetition to master it. When it comes to studying Maths, textbooks by RD Sharma are considered to be the best in the market. This book comprises a vast number of well-graded exercises and solved examples. The main aim of these books is to provide a fundamental aspect of Maths, which in turn, helps the students to understand every concept clearly. RD Sharma solutions are easily readable and sketched in such a way to ease the students to clear all the difficulties that they might face, while answering the given problems in exercises. Students can effectively start practising RD Sharma solutions for Class 9, and it will result in better performance in further studies, which will build a strong grip in maths. As Class 9 is the stepping stone for higher studies, learning Math topics and preparing thoroughly for grade 9 will assist students when they are promoted to the next academic year, where they will appear for board exams. 

Key benefits of studying RD Sharma books

  • RD Sharma books offer several questions for practice at the end of each chapter. This develops critical thinking and strengthens the mental ability of the students.
  • These solutions facilitate the students to have a good knowledge of basic as well as advanced mathematical concepts. It also helps students in retaining and quickly retrieving the concepts.
  • The illustrations provided in RD Sharma books are offered in a step by step approach for a comfortable and better understanding of concepts.
  • These are the one of the best resource materials currently available for students who aspire to score well in Maths.
  • It also provides explanatory diagrams and tables for comparative study, which creates interest in learning.
  • Keynotes are given in each chapter containing the latest information on the respective concepts, which helps the students to remember the crucial points perfectly.


So, it’s clear that the RD Sharma books are essential to score high in examinations as well as in gaining knowledge in Maths. The students who wish to score high in Class 8 exams are required to go through RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 thoroughly before their final exams and intensify their problem-solving abilities. Hence, students of Class 8 should learn all the concepts provided in the syllabus to understand the crucial topics.