Advantages And Disadvantages of Online IAS Coaching

Hand turns a dice and changes the word "offline" to "online" (or vice versa).

With everything turning online and digital, this is the time that even classes and coaching also seem to be a better option compared to physical classes. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online coaching centres. 

Cracking IAS without coaching classes is a very tough task; every aspirant who is trying to fight for the post of an IAS officer must go through training to reach that level. Online IAS coaching seems to be a very convenient option for those who are already into some kind of profession or commitment. 

Advantages of online coaching:

  • Economical: The online coaching has various economic benefits where the candidate gets to save a lot of money from accommodation, traveling and physical books as the modules and study materials are available online. 
  • Adjustable and flexible timings: this is the major advantage of online coaching where the professional workers tend to agree more. You don’t have to attend classes compromising your schedule; rather can choose your own time to attend the sessions.

Quality study material:

  • UPSC syllabus is vast compared to any other subject, with growing competition between institutes the benefit is going to the candidates. They are given access to high-quality study material and modules to keep up to the standards of the others. 
  • Greater accessibility: many candidates are opting for an online mode of training as they are finding it very easy to study is in their area before attending coaching classes the candidates were supposed to get admitted to the institutions which were very far from their place. 

UPSC syllabus:

Essay test series UPSC is one of the components of the civil service exam where the desired candidate is asked to write two essays on diver topics in the given time. Through this, the examiner will check the language skills and communication skills of the aspirant.

You must be able to put your ideas and thoughts in such a way that the reader must find them interesting and engaging enough to read through. The candidate will be allotted the marks based on how well he performs in the written exam.

Disadvantages of online coaching:

However, everything which has benefits also come with some demerits, we will now discuss some of the disadvantages of the online mode of coaching:

  • Lack of motivation: you must be self-motivated throughout the course as there will not be any personal mentor or colleague to push you or motivate you.
  • No personal attention was given: this is one of the major demerits of online coaching as they lack the physical presence. However, the coaches will give their 100% in solving the doubt but still, the human interface is absent.
  • Self-studying: in the online mode of education, the candidate is expected to do his doubt solving, self-motivation, homework, and solving problems all alone. He will not have access to his friends or professors who can discuss the problem. The personal touch is always missing and you tend to lose out on the encouragement.

However, if online coaching is considered the perfect mode to learn besides doing your job then you must not hesitate to get enrolled. The key factor required will be the candidate must be passionate about becoming an IAS officer regardless of hurdles he might face. 

Be it any type of coaching, the preparation done by the aspirant will pay off, the success rate in terms of the IAS examination is solely dependent on the level of commitment the aspirant holds. All the best!