Why A Bodysuit is More Than Just a Sexy Piece

When you see a bodysuit, you might immediately incorporate it with being sexy. Some may even limit its purpose to be only for having a seductive look.

Well, it’s about time we get to know more about bodysuits and why it is more than just a sexy piece.

Bodysuit vs. Swimsuit

A bodysuit is an item of one-piece clothing that is tight-fitting. It is usually confused with one-piece swimsuits because of how it looks. Though a bodysuit may look identical to swimwear, they very much differ in function, design and material.

Swimsuits are clothes that are specifically designed for water-based activities like swimming. They are usually made with nylon fabric due to their water-repelling and quick-drying features. The bottom section of one-piece swimsuits is usually attached to the top.

Bodysuits, on the other hand, can be made with fabric similar to everyday clothes. They usually are made with cotton or lace. Bodysuits often come with snaps at the crotch area, making them more convenient to wear. You do not have to undo the whole thing every time you need to go to the bathroom.

Rocking a Bodysuit Look

With tons of styles and designs, you can wear a bodysuit in lots of ways, depending on your vibe.

  • Lace Top

Lace bodysuits are stand-alone pieces that you can effortlessly wear with jeans. This is best when you feel like dressing down without sacrificing that sexy look.

  • Turtleneck

Turtleneck bodysuits are best worn with wide-leg trousers. This is best for casual and formal events.

  • Deep V Style

This is a sexy yet classy look best paired with cream pants.

  • Off-The-Shoulder Top

Another effortless style you can pair with jeans for a chic and comfortable look.

  • Mockneck

For a more everyday look, you can wear a mockneck, sleeveless bodysuit and pair it with camel-coloured pants.

Why Choose Bodysuit?

A lot of clothing geniuses have emerged, and with millions of choices, why should you opt to own a bodysuit?

  1. Tucked In. This is one of the primary features of a bodysuit. On a busy day, you won’t have to worry about your top popping out of your skirt or jeans all the time.
  2. Since bodysuits are skintight, you can wear them underneath a blouse or gown, and they will stay out of your top’s design.
  3. One piece. This is both a top and underwear in one! You will have no worries when you decide to match it with either a skirt or jeans.
  4. Since bodysuits are tight-fitting, they are designed to ensure your look stays sleek.
  5. While maintaining comfort, you can showcase your sexy curves with body-hugging bodysuits, especially since most pieces come with sassy cuts and necklines.
  6. Bodysuits can emphasize your shape. You can confidently show off your curves while maintaining a stylish look.
  7. If you are into mix and matching, you can wear bodysuits as the inner layer of your full outfit. When you decide to wear it underneath a trendy blazer, you won’t have to worry about bulks.
  8. Unlike romper dresses, bodysuits give you more convenience with their snaps. No more stopping yourself from going to the bathroom! Simply undo the snap, and you’re ready to go.
  9. Bodysuits are the current trend, and they never get out of style. Having these pieces in your closet can give you the confidence that you’ll have something good to wear anytime, anywhere.