What Options for the Best Gifts Now

Gifts are an integral and most important part of any holiday. At first glance it seems that choosing them is not so difficult. But in fact, this is a whole art! And it would be better to master it in childhood.

Why do you think you give gifts to each other?

What do you teach children when you prepare surprises for them or give an opportunity to give something to family members and friends? Giving gifts is an integral part of social life. It is been shown that people are dear to you,you want to take care of him, give him what he dreams of. Of course, the psychological significance of a gift is often more important and deeper than its value. When people go to the store to choose gifts, they often encounter serious difficulties, for example, give a person what seems appropriate to themselves, and not to someone who is destined for a surprise. For example, a woman friend told me that she gave her daughter an expensive set for drawing for the New Year, although the girl really wanted a new phone.

Choose carefully

It is difficult for people who give gifts based on their preferences to put themselves in the place of another, they have difficulty manifesting empathy, most likely they were not taught in childhood to give suitable gifts. For example, people who are experiencing material difficulties tend to give others such a valuable gift that they cannot even afford, but money is so important for themselves that they think that others can only appreciate an expensive gift. For them choosing vanilla card balance also is preferable. People who want their gift to be the coolest and most expensive are often oriented to the fact that others will praise them themselves, and they will feel richer and raise their self-esteem a little.

If you had few toys in childhood, you want your own children to have all the toys in the world. People would like to correct their own childhood and show that they are very good parents! Giving gifts is, after all, not only an external act. Gifts, like the gift process itself, will tell us a lot of important things about what is happening in the inner world of a person. When you give gifts to your children, you show them how to take care of others, teach them generosity, explain that a person has the right to desire and receive what he wants simply because he is, because he was born, because he is dear to you and your love.

Involve kids for purchasing gifts

Take your kids with you at the time you purchase gifts. Speak in advance what it could be. Discuss the approximate budget of the gift, explain why such an amount can be spent. A good way to buy gifts with children is through the Internet, in order to reduce travel time, avoid crowds in shopping centers, and not be caught up in a huge number of attractive things on the shelves, even some adults find it difficult to cope with this feeling, not like children.

Sometimes it is hard for young kids to give a prepared gift to another child or relative, especially if they have not participated in the discussion and buying a presentation, and have no experience of giving joy. Before you come with your child for a holiday with a gift that he will need to give, explain in detail how and why this will happen. Let the child hold the box with the gift, discuss how another person will be happy with this gift. If you came for a holiday, and the child does not part with someone else’s gift, that’s okay, it happens. Sit quietly in the hallway, in the lobby, where possible, before entering. Give your child time and opportunity to cope with his feelings, support him. Rejoice for him, praise when he decides to give a gift.