What in the World Is a Urinator Device?

Sometimes, when we go deep-diving on the internet, we find things that are completely fascinating yet NSFW (not safe for work).  But what’s great is that in the comfort of our own homes, we can safely research and find out if these items can benefit us!

For example, you might’ve heard about the urinator device. This might be intriguing yet even slightly horrifying to hear about!

So what is a urinator device? And how can it possibly benefit you? Read on to find out!

What Is a Urinator Device?

A urinator device is anything that allows you to pee more easily, especially for women, who usually have to sit down to do so. This severely limits where and when you can urinate at times.

It can also be something that simulates the act of urination. You might be thinking: why would someone need to do that? Well, you’ll find out later!

What Are the Uses for a Urinator Device?

Now that you know what a urinator device can be, let’s take a look at what the beneficial uses are. Do note that we’re not talking about 1 singular type of urinator device, but rather, different products that all fall in this category.

Pass Drug Tests

Unfortunately, some people will give into drug cravings, which will then make their urine unclean. If they have an upcoming drug test at work, then they might be in big trouble.

As a last resort, some might use a urinator device since there are ones that look like real penises. These can even eject urine in a realistic way!

So on the day of the drug test, the person will wear the pee delivery device in their pants. They’ll also fill a bag with clean pee to go in there as well.

When asked to go to the bathroom to give a sample, they can then whip out the device and look like they’re actually urinating, especially if someone’s monitoring them. They can then hand the sample over and the employer would be none the wiser.

Of course, we don’t recommend doing this. But it just might be a lifesaver when you’re in a pinch!

Stand-up Pee Device

Stand-up pee devices are also known as “StP devices.” These are very useful for those who are only able to pee sitting down in normal circumstances.

Basically, it’s a simple pee funnel you can hold against your genitals. You can then comfortably urinate while standing up, all without getting pee all over your clothes or shoes.

This can be very handy when you go camping or attend a music festival. Or you can just whip out a urinator device when all your male friends get to just pee in a bush and you’d usually have to hold it!

It can also be very useful when you’re in a gross public restroom. Your body won’t have to touch anything while you can comfortably relieve yourself.

A Sexual Toy

While it’s not that common, there are plenty of people who enjoy “watersports.” In fact, around 9% of men are interested in urophilia, which is the act of urinating on one another for sexual pleasure.

Maybe you’re on the fence about this fetish and you’re not comfortable with one thing in particular: the fact that you have to deal with real urine. This might have you worried about potential germs.

A great way to try a golden shower safely is to use synthetic urine. This looks and smells just like urine, except it doesn’t have any bacteria at all. This is because the best synthetic urine is carefully created in a lab, free of toxins and germs.

It usually comes in a dehydrated form, which you can “activate” by adding water to it. You can then use heating pads to get the synthetic urine to feel like real pee when you play with it.

Combine it with a realwhizzinatorxxx product, and couples of all sexes can “urinate” on one another in a realistic fashion. Or if you’re not into urophilia, simply fill it with regular water to get a “squirting” effect.

FtM Packer

When you transition from female to male, you can take hormones to change your physical appearance. But the thing is, you can’t grow a penis. Because of this, many FtMs wear packers, which help give you a more “male” feeling.

The majority of packers on the market aren’t functional. They just serve as stuffers for your underwear, which means you can’t do much with them.

However, with a urinator device like realwhizzinatorxxx, you can not only get a packer that looks realistic, but you can also “urinate” out of it. This can help you transition and feel more comfortable with your body. A urination device can also help you feel safer and more comfortable if you have to use a public restroom.

Try Out a Urinator Device

Now that you know all about what a urinator device and what its various uses are, it might seem like a good device to try out. Whether it’s to pass drug tests or to try out a fetish you might have, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to benefit from urination devices.

While it might be just a little embarrassing to purchase one, get peace of mind knowing that there are many online retailers that you can buy from with discretion. So don’t be shy and test these devices out. You might find that it’s a game-changer!

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