Tooth Abscess: Most Common Symptoms

A tooth abscess is a painful dental condition where pocket of pus are formed by germs within your mouth. It generally occurs when these bacteria enter the tooth through a crack. A tooth abscess does not heal without medical attention. Therefore, you will have to visit a dentist in Fort Myers, FL, to ensure the infection does not spread within your nerves. To understand the formation of tooth abscess, you must know about its symptoms. This article highlights common symptoms in detail. Here we go! 

Symptoms Of Tooth Abscess 

1. Severe Toothache

One common symptom of tooth abscess is severe toothache or persistent pain, which can range from mild to moderate and severe at times. This throbbing pain generally impacts the root, jaw, ears, and neck if not treated at the right time. The pain increases every time there is added pressure on your tooth like during brushing and flossing. 

2. Swelling

You may experience swelling in your gums and face. This area around your mouth becomes red and inflamed. With time, it becomes so tender that you may feel uncomfortable by touching it. The swelling becomes more noticeable as the infection spreads further. If left untreated, it may impact your facial structure. 

3. Tooth Sensitivity

If you suffer from tooth abscess, experiencing tooth sensitivity to temperatures is common. This sensitivity may increase when you drink something cold. There will be a throbbing sensation in your mouth caused by this infection, which irritates the nerves within your tooth. This results in discomfort every time you try to eat something. 

4. Fever

In certain cases, the patient may experience low-grade fever if the tooth abscess condition worsens. Fever is often accompanied by other common symptoms like malaise and a feeling of being unwell. Since your nerves start to hurt, you may also experience severe headaches. 

5. Pus Drainage

You will feel a pocket of puss all around your mouth as the tooth abscess spreads. As time passes, these pus pockets start to drain. This causes a bad odor and a foul taste in your mouth. Although it may provide temporary relief from swelling and pain, it results in severe infection. 

Final Words

If you come across any of these signs of a tooth abscess, you must get dental care right to avoid all complications and relieve pain and discomfort.