Addressing Early Smile Concerns 

Early Intervention Orthodontic Treatment is a proactive approach to detecting and managing orthodontic abnormalities in your kid. Acting throughout formative stages may affect the formation of the jaw and teeth, eliminating future difficulties and laying the groundwork for a stunning and confident smile! Furthermore, Summit, IL, has much popular professional orthodontics to diagnose early smile concerns; hence, to learn more about contraceptive orthodontics, you can consult a dentist in Summit, IL, today. 

What is intraceptive orthodontics? 

Interceptive orthodontic therapy, also known as early orthodontic treatment or phase one orthodontic treatment, is the process of beginning orthodontic care. At the same time, a child still has the majority of their baby teeth. This therapy treats growing dental disorders before they become serious problems.

While not all children require immediate treatment, biting disorders can have a long-term influence on your child’s smile. Receiving orthodontic treatment early reduces the likelihood of requiring complicated treatments or surgery later on. In fact, this procedure can reduce the need for permanent tooth extractions. Orthodontic treatment for children is a proactive step toward a healthy, attractive smile! 

Objectives of Interceptive Orthodontics 

  • Early diagnosis of issues

Interceptive orthodontics enables the early diagnosis of possible orthodontic problems such as overcrowding, bite misalignment, and abnormal tooth development.

  • Guiding jaw growth

The therapy focuses on influencing the jaw’s growth in order to generate enough room for permanent teeth and improve alignment.

  • Preventing future consequences

Addressing orthodontic difficulties early might help avoid more significant consequences that may necessitate expensive orthodontic treatment later in life.

Interceptive orthodontic treatment options 

If primary teeth are lost too soon, misalignment can occur, affecting how permanent teeth emerge because the teeth on each side may no longer be able to guide them into the right place. However, with a space maintainer, dentists attach a specialized device that keeps the gap open and allows the permanent teeth to emerge properly. Your dentist could also design a personalized retainer that can be set in place or removed to assist in guiding the growth of the smile and reduce the severity of misalignment.

Your dentist may also employ a palate extender to assist smile development and limited braces to help shift teeth into suitable locations. In rare situations, a tooth may need to be pulled to provide a place for orthodontic treatment or to remove a main tooth that has not fallen out as expected.

Aligners and braces 

The interceptive stage is useful when the smile is still developing, and the permanent teeth are still emerging because it can impact the growth of the smile and lessen the severity of improper alignment. When your kid enters the adolescent years, when all of the teeth have erupted, and their surfaces have properly calcified, your dentists can finish treatment with braces or aligners to shift them to their final and correct position.

If you have any questions regarding how we can repair incorrect alignment, please contact your dentist now. They will aim to help your young one to smile confidently.