The Charm of Labuan Bajo, Two Beautiful Caves, and The Komodo Tour

Labuan Bajo is renowned for the charm of its Padar Island and its Pink Beach, and Komodo National Park. Nature destinations that are no less interesting are caves, of which the two most popular are Rangko Cave and Batu Cermin Cave.

Rangko and Batu Cermin, The Caves of Labuan Bajo That Are Too Good to Miss

These two Labuan Bajo cave certainly have their own uniqueness that makes them worth visiting. See these interesting sides of Rangko and Batu Cermin Cave in the explanation below.

  • Rangko Cave

The cave destination in Labuan Bajo Island can be called unique because its location is not far from the edge of the beach. Specifically located at Rangko Village, Boleng Sub-district, West Manggarai Regency, where we need to rent a fishing boat anchored Read more about usa national parks map at the dock of the village.

To get to the cave, the visitor must hike for about 20 minutes before being welcomed by the cave’s mouth, which is filled with the beautiful stalagmite and stalactite. Getting inside, we still have to explore the wooden bridge again with an atmosphere that quite triggers the adrenaline.

The uniqueness of Rangko Cave obviously can be seen on the inside, pure and elegant corals under the bridge as well as inside of the clear and fresh saltwater pool which is seven meters deep. This water is estimated to come from the sea. The visitors are allowed to swim and bathe there.

The Inside of the cave is actually a little bit dark. But, the cave walls themselves are able to reflect the sunlight to become a “nature made lamp” in the cave. The best time to enjoy this moment is around 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm local time.

  • Batu Cermin Cave

This cave is also located in The West Manggarai Regency, and is being set up by the government to be a super premium tourist destination. The trip starts by walking through a path full of thorny bamboo trees.

Then, we need to walk down for 100 meters to get to Batu Cermin Cave, where it is located in the inside of stalagmit with the magnificent height of 75 meters. It can be said that the access to get in is a bit difficult, so if we want to get in to take a picture, we need to take turns with other visitors.

With the limit of 10 people and 30 minutes of duration inside, the visitors were invited to not miss the opportunity to enjoy the cool and fresh air in Batu Cermin Cave. There are only a few lights coming in, so only the wall which reflects the sunlight that will brighten the inside of the cave.

Various pieces of ancient heritage can be found here. The research had been done before by Theodore Verhoeven and the results can be seen on the walls of the cave. Local people believe that the fossils of corals, turtles, and other marine fish exist because this cave used to be under the sea.

Komodo Tour at Labuan Bajo

Indonesia is rich for its beautiful natural scenery and it’s too good to miss. One of them is the existence of an ancient animal, komodo. There are several Grand Komodo tours offered by many tour service providers or travel agencies.

Mostly the komodo tour will go through Labuan Bajo, Rinca Island, Komodo National Park, Wae Wuul, and Kelor Island Beach. With variable prices, a komodo tour can be done by ourselves or with a guide.

Since these places are still in the same area, then why not explore Labuan Bajo by visiting Rangko Cave, Batu Cermin Cave, and take on the komodo tour all at once in one day. Enjoy the beauty of Labuan Bajo to the fullest with trusted travel agencies.