Non-Traditional Health and Wellness Options

There are many types of aches and pains that require medicine from a doctor to cure, and there are other types that do not. Many non-traditional healing and wellness programs offer options for people who can’t or don’t want to just medicate their problems. Although it is wise to consult a medical doctor, there are other problems that can be taken care of through alternate sources of healing.

Psychic or Spiritual Healing

Forget what you have seen on TV, psychic or spiritual healing does not involve having a séance or levitating objects. Instead, psychic healing involves wellness that focuses on eliminating the emotional pain that very often feeds physical or mental pain. A psychic healing Dallas TX or your city might help you release negative energy or help you find clarity in a particular aspect of your life that’s troubling you.


Called the “Mother of All Healing,” this ancient method focuses on maintaining a balance in all your body systems. The practice of Ayurveda seeks to help your emotional, mental, and physical selves all work in harmony through mental practices, diet and lifestyle choices. Implementing Ayurveda practices does not replace traditional medicine but works in conjunction with it. After an evaluation, an Ayurveda healer might recommend you complete a cleanse to rid your body of toxins or add herbs to your diet to help a certain body system function more smoothly.


Hypnotherapy popularized by the TV show The Mentalist is a guided relaxation technique that helps the patient in two ways. When the mind and body are in a trance-like state, it more easily absorbs the power of suggestion. If you have been struggling with a problem such as overeating, nail biting or smoking, a trained hypnotherapist can suggest an alternate behavior. In addition, while in a hypnotic trance, you are more likely to explore painful feelings or memories that affect your day-to-day activities.

Alternative medicine should not replace your regular doctor visits, but they could have a place alongside traditional medicine.  Keeping your mind and spirit healthy are key components to keeping your body healthy.