Why Your Company Should Invest in ID Badge Holders

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ID badge holders might not be the first thing that you think about when you’re looking at increasing the organisational and safety standards of your business, but they actually pack a huge punch when it comes to security! Safety should be your number one priority in our day and age, and any means (big or small) by which you can increase yours will benefit you exponentially in the long run. If you’re toying with the idea of investing in ID badge holders, but you’re not quite sure of the advantages that they are able to provide, then you’ve come to the right web page! Here’s how identity card badge holders can help your business right away…

ID Protection

The most obvious benefit of identity card holders is that extra layer of card protection. No matter how high quality your cards might be, they will still be at risk of damage or breakage when exposed to the realities of daily use. This is particularly true if you opt for a security system that involves the scanning, tapping or insertion of cards into a reader. This pretty much guarantees cards wearing down over time. Protect plastic cards from spills, damage and dirt with a simple holder.

ID Longevity

The sustained protection of your ID cards is going to ensure that your investment in your security is as long lasting as possible! Whether you’ve got an in house ID card printer or you choose to communicate with an identity card provider, getting new cards printed is an expense. By keeping your cards nice and protected, you’re saving yourself time, money, plastic and man hours. This is achieved through protection and the added weight that a holder naturally provides – an ID in a holder is just bulkier than a bare one, meaning it’s less likely to get lost at the bottom of a bag or in a desk drawer.

ID Functionality

Yet another benefit of keeping those cards protected! Card functionality is imperative to maintaining those tight security standards that you worked so hard to establish. You want your technology, whatever it is, to last a long time. Your staff need to be able to easily pass through your building’s doors, and properly functioning access or identity cards are very necessary to that, so ensure that this is always the case by investing in some card holders.


Purchasing the correct ID card accessories can be tricky, especially when you’re not entirely sure of your circumstances (and therefore security requirements) down the line. The great thing about card holders, no matter what kind you go for, is that they work with your lanyards, lapels, clips, pins and retractable badge reels. This means that you can feel confident that they’ll be useful to you for the long run, making the investment even wiser than it was before!

Cost Effectiveness

Many security solutions are incredibly expensive, and lots of businesses just cannot realistically fork out so much to enhance their safety. Card holders are a small investment that provide a massive upgrade to your security, making them perfect for corporations and boutique companies alike!


The ease of access which some card holders can provide potentially saves your staff so much time, space and effort each and every day! You can find card holders that are clear and flexible, perfect for scanning single cards, or you can opt for rigid multi holders! This is fantastic for workplaces that require the use of more than one card for access, identity or time tracking purposes. Choose the style that fits best with your company and building needs!


Creating a cohesive, slick and professional atmosphere is essential to maintaining a productive and well functioning workplace. Pristine identities will only enhance the professional atmosphere of your company. Tattered plastic cards don’t reflect well on anybody, no matter what industry your business navigates within.


Finally, safety! All of the benefits listed here are going to work to enhance the overall safety standards of your business, making your environment a more secure and comfortable place to be.

Start searching for an identity accessory provider to take the steps towards a safer, better operating company now!