No Complication for the Garden Building Choices

Your garden building must of course be able to take a beating. Therefore, the type of glass is critical. Always choose hardened safety glass. That is on average 5 times stronger than single or double glazing. Should it ever break, hardened will always break safely. Tempered glass breaks into thousands of small pieces with a soft edge, which greatly reduces the risk of injury.

The type of doors also plays an important role. You have the choice between sliding walls, patio doors or a large sliding window. The advantage of sliding walls is that you can slide them fully open in good weather. This is how you draw the sun into your outdoor room. From garden buildings uk you can find your best choices.


Whether you need a permit for a garden building depends on several factors. A distinction is made between outbuildings attached to a house and detached outbuildings.

If your garden building is attached to the facade, then only a notification obligation applies, unless:

  • The total area is greater than 40 m²
  • The height is more than 3 m
  • The distance with the neighbors is less than 3 m

If your detached garden building meets the following conditions, you don’t have to do anything:

  • Total area does not exceed 40 m²
  • Height is more than 3.5 m
  • The annex is no further than 30 m from the house
  • The distance with the neighbors is at least 3 m

The garden building is not in a sensitive area

Are you unsure whether your garden building meets the conditions? Then you can contact your municipality. Curious about the price of a custom garden building? Receive free and non-binding quotes from recognized greenhouse builders here. This way you can compare prices and choose the most interesting option.

3 inspiring examples

This detached outdoor room is not immediately located in the garden, but does offer a beautiful view of the rest of the city. The space has sliding doors and is used as a dining and relaxation area. The aluminum profiles in gray perfectly match the tile floor and thus create a sleek, modern look.

Detached garden building

From this wooden garden building you can immediately see the natural greenery around the house. Moreover, you can keep an eye on the children while they are playing. You can completely relax and read a book or have a nice dinner with family and friends.

Garden building wood

This outdoor room was provided with a concrete roof and large glass sections. From the garden building you can watch children who are having fun in the pool. This garden building can also be perfectly used as an office space.

Garden building prices

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