Better Infrastructure In Dallas, Use Cases For Ground Stabilization

When we think of the ground we walk on we do not realize that it is not always stable. We may not think of the ground that our house sits on is not as stable as we assume it is. That is why we want to discuss today ground stabilization and what it means.

There are many places in America that need to use ground stabilization services, we are going to really look into ground stabilization services Dallas TX for an example point. The first thing we must consider is what types of soils are around the area. The soil in Dallas TX is mostly what is considered expansive clay soil. This type of soil as the name reflects is that when it does rain instead of absorbing and running off of the water it absorbs the water and then expanses. When this happens if your structure is placed on this the force can displace the foundation causing cracks to appear rapidly.

The idea of stabilization can be done with varied types of materials, we will go over a few them here. The first is to use Calcium and lime which is calcium oxide, with this you are in fact changing the makeup of the minerals in the clay soil. This can reduce the expansion problem and the other problem which is shrinkage due to the temperature variants in Texas. When you are considering doing this it is always a great idea to check with a professional because there is a mixture ratio to take into account.

The next is to use fly ash or flue ash this comes from as you can already guess coal combustion, it is a by-product that is used. The fly ash will help reduce moisture that is already inside the soil. This, in turn, helps with the shrinkage and expansion problem, helping with the stabilization process.

These above elements are always used in conjunction with cement. The first step is to know what type of soil you are working with this will let you know the correct mixture of cement needed. We are at the moment speaking of a clay soil so the ratio could be twelve to twenty percent. The additives are added into the mixture.

There are a few more concepts to a stabilization that are electrical stabilization. This process is very expensive, it uses electrosmosis to achieve the stabilization results. The price is very high this is usually used for draining of more cohesive soils. There is the process of grouting however this process does not work well with clay type soils and this type is very costly procedure and is not a permanent solution

One process that can be used is jet grouting, this is not the same as the above-mentioned grouting. This process is used where a mixture is actually forced injection of your stabilizing mixture into the subsoil. The mixture, once it has hardened into the soil, creates a cement column. This process is not normally used for homeowners but could be used for a business looking to create a more permanent and structurally sound base for a larger building foundation.

Another process is to use geotextiles which are material such as polyethylene, nylon, polyvinyl chloride, and polyester. These are all synthetic materials that are high in strength. This process involves placing the fabric into the soil, this makes the soil more stable. This is generally used for road construction where the topsoil is soft.

Ground stabilization services Dallas TX can direct you to the correct procedures and types of ground stabilization you may need. It is always best to check with a professional before starting out a project just to ensure that you are following state, county, and city guidelines for new building and repairing of damaged infrastructure.