Fascinating Shaggy Rugs To Decorate The Home Interior:

Having the most captivating and dazzling appearance and aesthetic design, shaggy rugs have their own name in the market of rugs. Since it was made in the 1960s, it has gained so much popularity and people want to have these in their homes because of the attractive designs and qualities of these rugs. These rugs also show some old culture and tradition as the styles of these rugs represent the time in which these rugs were made. Even though these rugs also faced some fallout from the homeowners from the last several decades, but now they are experiencing a comeback and start to appear in numerous homes throughout the world. But the fact cannot be ignored that these rugs have the qualities to décor any type of place.

Most of the people or you can say most of the historians believe that these rugs emanated in the Middle East and Central Asia because the history of majority rugs originated from this region and this is the reason they also believe that. But also some people claim that shaggy rugs made from the hair of goats and Ancient Greece made these rugs back in the time from where it was originally originated. People of that time also used these rugs to cover the floor and by the passage of time, they changed it and started to alter it with different things. Although, no one can tell exactly where and how these rugs originated as people have not collectively concluded the place of its initiation. These rugs have the ability to make the place more attractive because it also shows the history in itself and people will enjoy the presence of it.

Substances Used In The Making of Shaggy Rugs:

In the old-time, these rugs were made by the long hairs of goats which were knitted to the surface of the shaggy rug. Now, these rugs are made from a deep pile with long yarn fibers to make it smoother and that will give it a truly shaggy and fluffy appearance. Different materials can be used in the making of these shaggy rugs which can be cotton, wool, or leather. The natural material is always expensive as compared to synthetic material and the durability of these materials is almost the same. Also, shaggy rugs can be found in different shapes, styles, sizes, and colors and it is very important to choose the right one for your place.

Maintenance of The Shaggy Rug:

Like any other ordinary item, shaggy rugs only require casual cleaning. But because of the long mass fibers, it is highly arguable that these are the most arduous rug to maintain and clean. We recommend you clean your shag rug twice or once in a week with the help of a vacuum cleaner so that there will be no such thing that can cause damage to the rug. Also, you do hire professionals for such tasks as they know better about how to clean the shaggy rug.


Shag is back in the market so get yours and search for the best option for your home to decorate the interior.