Is Augmented Reality for Virtual try-on is the future of fashion?

Virtual clothing try-on means any customer can try on any outfit they want to try anywhere just through a click. For augmented reality, we can see our favourite products on our smartphones and try them on without physically trying them on. AR has been in the market for a while now. It all started with filters which were just a few add-ons to our pictures, and now science is so advanced that we get facial recognition and 3D modelling on images and videos.

Why is AR easy for us?

Are you a fan of going out and being sweaty among many people while trying out your favourite outfit? No, right? That is why AR for virtual clothing try-on is for us. It is fun and very convenient, and most people opt for AR nowadays. It is also very user friendly. All you need is a camera in your smartphone, which most of us have, and you have to capture yourself in a position where you can see how you look in that outfit. That is it.

Trying on any outfit before you buy them

When you buy your product online, it is hard for you to see if it suits you or not and sometimes, buyers regret their choices, and by that time, it is too late. So, AR helps you see how you will look in the outfit you choose without paying for it, which is always very convenient for you.

  1. Any location 

Virtual clothing try-on allows you to try any dress at any place. You just need to have your smartphone and pose in front of it. It will automatically show you how you will look in the outfit.

  1. Time and money save

It is very time-saving when you don’t have to go to the store physically to try on some clothes. And when you can see how the outfit looks on you, we can choose accordingly, which means no more wasting money on things which don’t suit me and no more regrets.

  1. Matching outfits and accessories

You can also match your outfit with different accessories. In a store, you have to change stores to do that. But due to AR, everything is right in front of your eyes, just a click away.

Famous companies using AR

Big companies give you an advantage of their store. Before buying their products, you can see how those suit you and then spend your precious money on them. This helps you to know what exactly you are spending your money on and if it is worth it or not.

Summing up

There is a considerable probability of it being the future of fashion. People are becoming busier by the day. Everyone is involved in their work-life, and it is already hard for them to balance work and family. So, they want to spend their leisure time at home.
AR helps the customers get the product they want without going out and actually trying them on. So yes, I firmly believe that virtual clothing try on is the future for our fashion industry for good.