How To Bring Goodness, Truth, and Beauty Into Your Life

No matter how old you are or what your circumstances are like, some basic human needs remain constant. After physical sustenance, safety, and security are satisfied, other needs rise to the surface. Goodness, truth, and beauty are like a balm to the soul and bring a sense of deep connection. It’s not a complicated process to bring more of these qualities into your everyday existence; it simply takes intentionality. Here are some ideas to try.


Goodness has become a sort of cliché in these media-saturated, ironic times. Sometimes it’s associated only with gentle sentimentality, but it’s actually a powerful quality. Asking yourself “what would goodness do?” is a great place to start. Think of how you might embody goodness in all of your communications, even if you’re setting necessary boundaries. Kindness is an attribute of goodness and can make a powerful difference in someone else’s day. Try looking in the mirror with kindness, and looking at others with gentle regard.


Being truthful with yourself and with others simplifies your life dramatically. There’s no need to be judgemental or self-righteous about your truthfulness; simply order your life and loves to reflect what is most true. If you have a mindfulness or spiritual practice, this can help you be discerning about yourself and others. You’ll possess a refreshing radiance that draws others to you.


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a common refrain these days. For some, that can lead to overlooking things that are truly beautiful. Whatever is beautiful for you, bring in more of it. From the way you smile and walk to the way you arrange the plants on your desk, beauty matters. Embrace it.

Goodness, truth, and beauty elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. Cultivate these qualities in your life, and share them.