5 Fun Facts About ‘The Wonder Years’

Countless 80s TV shows and movies are so iconic, their aesthetic persists even today, over 40 years later. ‘The Wonder Years’ is one of those iconic shows.

The show aired from 1988 to 1993, long enough for the millennial generation to catch some reruns. Fred Savage portrayed the main character, beginning when he was just 12 years old. Although he sometimes acts, Savage went on to be well-established in the directing and producing world.

That’s just one little tidbit about the legacy of ‘The Wonder Years.’ To find out more about this quintessential 80s TV show, check out the fun facts below.

  1. Savage Was the Youngest Nominee

‘The Wonder Years’ was so good it went up for several Emmy awards. For one of those, in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series category, Fred Savage became the youngest actor to ever be nominated. He was only 13 at the time.

Although he didn’t win, the show did earn an Emmy in the Outstanding Comedy category, after just six episodes aired.

  1. The First Kiss Was Authentic

In the pilot episode, Kevin and Winnie share an awkward first kiss on-screen, but few know how authentic it was. The actors Fred Savage and Danica McKellar had yet to experience a kiss in their real lives. After all, Savage was only 11 and McKellar was 12.

  1. Winnie’s Height Caused a Break-up

Because this show used actual kids, real-life sometimes got in the way. For example, McKellar experienced a growth spurt between the third and fourth seasons of the show. It was decided to break the couple up and keep them apart until Savage could catch up to McKellar.

Thankfully, he did.

  1. Tons of Actors Got their Break

Fred Savage wasn’t the only person to find success after ‘The Wonder Years.’ There is a lengthy list of celebrities that had one of their first roles on this show. This list includes:

  • John Corbett
  • David Schwimmer
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Juliette Lewis
  • Jim Cavaziel

And this isn’t the end of the list. Just some of the biggest names who appeared for a few episodes. It’s interesting to see how things have changed in the 28 years since the show ended.

  1. It Had a Real-Life Ending

Fred Savage and Danica McKellar were real kids who were really growing up throughout the show. As they aged out of high school, the show naturally came to a close. After all “the wonder years” is a phrase about a child’s demeanor as they are growing up.

As they become an adult, the wonder stops. Also, the content gets too racy for a show that airs before 8 p.m.

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