How to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment?

How to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Every eCommerce site faces an unavoidable struggle when a customer leaves the things in his cart without proceeding to checkout. This addition of products in the cart and leave without completing the order is said to be Shopping Cart Abandonment. Shopping Cart Abandonment is happening due to various reasons. The customer may get distracted due to various pop-ups that appear on the shopping site or any real-life incidents that might have distracted them. Some people have the habit of merely adding things to the cart when they are bored and they will leave without placing an order. It is surprising to know that some people have this habit as their hobby. Whatever the reason be, it is impossible to avoid this happening on any shopping site. However, adding things to the cart can be controlled to a certain extent, when proper practices are being implemented. Here, we will discuss such shopping cart best practices that help in avoiding Shopping Cart abandonment to a greater extent.

Making Proper Mobile UX

It is found out that most people use their mobile phones for online shopping. So, every eCommerce site should develop a proper mobile UX that uses cross-platform websites that leads the user directly to the shopping site. It is also important to consider the pop-ups that appear on the screen during the time of payment. Many people get distracted by various pop-up advertisements. Having a clear and simple eCommerce checkout page is also important. Because checkout page is where a browsing shopper transforms into a paying customer.

Email Services

Making the customer save their data with a linked Email will be of greater help to the customers as well as the businessman. Having a customer account linked with their Email will help the service providers to send a reminder to the customers’ mail, who might have forgotten the product in their cart. In that case, Emails would be helpful. At the same time, Emails will help the site to get a personalized customer preference based on their activities. If the customer is agreed to receive a newsletter, it will help him to know the best as well as suitable brands for them, recent discounts, their favorite genre and many more.

Checkout Outlay

As aforesaid, the checkout UI outlay should be made clear and simple. Making the customer fill in many details could be frustrating. If the customer uses a desktop while online shopping, the number of pop-ups couldn’t be controlled. If he, unfortunately, redirects to one such ad, then when he goes back, he might need to fill all the details over again. It will be troublesome and customers will leave the site without placing any orders.


Cybersecurity is where every customer will think for a while. To gain your customer’s trust, various reviews from the previous customers, certificates, letting know the proper Terms and Conditions and having multiple payment options can be used. Providing multiple payment options without a third-party intrusion will ensure the trust of your customers. Having a transparent exchange and return policy will also make your customers trust you. Some practices will help you to avoid shopping cart abandonment.