Get Your Grads Something Great

Students graduating from high school or college have put in years of hard work to achieve their goals. They deserve something really impressive. For this rite of passage, give the graduates in your life gifts worthy of their accomplishments.

Fine Jewelry

High quality jewelry is something many graduates have never owned before. You don’t have to give huge or extravagant pieces, just something that suits their style. For women, Black Hills gold slider necklaces may be perfect. Their distinct three-color designs are recognizable everywhere and the quality is unmistakable. Men may desire a statement watch. Classic, elegant styles look great with business suits. For the more avant-garde grad, choose a timepiece with multiple complications. Technophiles will want the latest smartwatch.

Kitchen Goods

Graduates may be cooking for themselves for the first time in their lives. As budding chefs, they do not need a bunch of gadgets. Instead, give a few quality items. Start with good knives, with forged blades made of high-carbon steel. A chef’s knife and paring knife make a good starter kit. For appliances, you cannot beat a multicooker. It takes the place of a pressure cooker, sauté pan, slow cooker, steamer and rice cooker; it turns many recipes into one-pot dishes, deliciously. Coffee house fans may appreciate a coffee machine that grinds, brews, steams and froths. For java-loving purists, nothing beats the classy, sophisticated French press.


This is a classic graduation gift. However, like many classics, it can be boring. Sure, any grad will appreciate finding  a bill tucked into a card — but why not get more creative? Find a quick tutorial online and make an origami shirt and tie. Enclose a bill in a 3D puzzle box or money maze. For maximum effect, craft a money lei; it is part accessory, part assignment (the lei must be dismantled before the money can be spent), and all gift.