Become a Type Rated Pilot with Ease


Getting your type rating for famous aircraft like the a320 type rating will give your aviation career a reputable boost. Going from your commercial pilot license to become rated to control an a320 system involves a lot of work which can be made easier with an online type rating course.

What is the a320 Type Rating Course?

The course is a Computer-Based training (CBT) aircraft systems course covering the aircraft systems and associated operations designed to help pilots become familiar with the a320 aircraft system and prepare them for the practical training sessions.

The course is divided into progressive modules or units which participants have to complete and take a test at the end. Both the lessons and tests are industry-standard and are created and/or administered by certified or approved personnel. At the end of the course, a certificate of completion is issued.

The course includes modules that cover areas such as Aircraft General, Autoflight, APU, Engines, Fire Protection, Flight Controls, Hydraulics, Lighting, Landing Gear, Pressurization, Ventilation, etc. The typical course duration is 36 hours, but pilots can go on to complete the course at their own pace within a time limit.

Designed to meet FAA regulations, the a320 comprehensive aircraft systems training takes you from being just another pilot to a sought-after commercial pilot in the industry. Airline companies can also tailor the course to fit their specific requirements.

At the end of the theoretical course, pilots take practical sessions in simulators, which can be adjusted to create different weather scenarios, routes, and possible challenges to better equip pilots for real-life flight.

Why You Should Take the a320 Type Rating Course

The a320 is one of the most popular aircraft systems in the industry today and the demand for a320 rated pilots is high. The a320 system is also similar to several others, such as the a321, and pilots who get their a320 rating may not be required to become rated in those systems before they can fly them.

Getting your first aircraft rating with the a320 systems will put you on a level where you can compete for favorable positions within the industry.

As an A320 rated pilot, you join an elite league of pilots who fly one of the best aircraft ever and equip you with the skills you need to make a successful aviation career. Your decision to become rated will be one of the best career decisions that you’ll ever make.