7 Tips To Make Better Burgers At Home

Grilling burgers is a skill that can be mastered. It’s like standing out on a warm evening with a frosty beverage in hand and the scent of smoke wafting in the breeze. Making burgers at home takes 20 minutes. They taste even better than when you bake them in the oven. Even with the smoke smell, you won’t be disappointed.

Perhaps a few people are waiting to get their treats from you.  It’s not difficult to make burgers; it just takes a little bit of time to perfect them, especially when you are grilling for a large group. These are our top burger-making tips. They cover everything, from the meat and bun to the delicious cheese.

#1: Start with good, fatty meat.

Cooking sin: dry burgers. The tastiest burgers are created with a higher fat content (80% lean, 20% butter) than most recipes (90/10). Most supermarket stores sell preground 80/20 mixtures. Or get one from your butcher. This includes 80% leaner beef (sirloin, top round) and 20% fattier beef (brisket, short-rib). Ground chuck has an 80/20 fat-to-protein ratio. No beef burgers? Ground pork and lamb are 80/20 or 85/15, so don’t worry.

#2: Shape your burgers.

Burger form is crucial. Never overcook burgers. Without compressing the meat, divide it into 1/2 pound for large burgers, 1/3 pound for medium, and 1/4 pound for small. You can gently slap the meat with your hands, like a baseball. Press the steak into a disc slightly broader than your buns. Burgers shrink slightly while cooking. When water evaporates, flesh fibers contract. Larger patties create the optimal burger-bun ratio.

#3: Only season with salt on the outside

Season your burgers with salt and freshly ground pepper, just as with any meat. But only after you have formed them. Salting your burger mixture can make it more tender and less juicy. However, salting only the outside will give you a crispy crust and maintain the burger’s texture.

#4: Don’t press! Unless…

It’s fun to eat a burger and spatula while waiting for dinner. Resist pressing the burger through the grill grates. Flare-ups and dry burgers result. Smash burgers are cooked quickly on a hot griddle or skillet to caramelize the outside. Spatula-smashing the burgers do this. Grilled burgers are smashing. On the grill grates, heat a cast-iron skillet.

#5: How to tell if your burger is cooked properly

A meat thermometer can tell if a burger is done. Medium-rare is 145°F to 160°F. Discover the ideal burger. Pressing the middle of a medium-rare burger shouldn’t work. When pressed, well-done burgers spring back. Rarer burgers are springier. Watch the fluids. Once pink, they’re a scarce medium. When clear or grey, you’re done.

#6: Add cheese!

We all know the cheesiest burgers are the best. A cheese-topped burger is delicious. Choose Swiss or cheddar for a smooth melt and real cream. Transfer cooked burgers to a cooler part of the grill. Cover the grill to melt each burger’s cheese.

#7: Toast the buns

A warm, lightly toasted bun makes an excellent burger ethereal. Place the cut side down on the grill grates and cook for a few seconds until golden. Transfer the buns to plates and cover with aluminum foil. Once the burgers are assembled, serve them.