7 Reasons to Visit Australia at Least Once in Your Life

Did you know, that on average, Australia welcomes more than 4 million international tourists per year?

As a diverse country, where the native language is English, it comes as no surprise so many travelers desire to explore this part of the world. Located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, flying to Australia can feel like a trek.

And for many travelers, this long trip is a bucket list adventure they have been hoping for their entire lives. Read on to discover the top seven reasons to visit Australia.

We’re breaking down the sites and experiences you need to know. If you are lucky enough to make it to Australia, you’ll need to know how to get the most out of your trip. 

1. UNESCO World Heritage Places to Visit in Australia 

Australia is home to 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites. The designation has between cultural and natural areas. Some well-known UNESCO sites you may recognize include: 

  • Sydney Opera House 
  • Great Barrier Reef 
  • Wet Tropics of Queensland 
  • Tasmanian Wilderness 

And, there are more places worth discovering. If you’re visiting Australia, don’t miss your chance to see a UNESCO World Heritage site up close. 

2. Incredible Hotels and Unique Accommodations 

An Australian vacation calls for a relaxing hotel stay or unique accommodation. Take your pick of luxury city hotels in Sydney or Melbourne.

Or, stay in cozy cabins and boutique properties in Australia’s Wineland areas like Yarra Valley. You can even go luxury camping (glamping) near the coasts, Perth, and other iconic spots.  

3. Gorgeous Beaches 

Did you know that Australia has more than 12,000 beaches? From city beaches in Sydney to remote coasts in Tasmania, the country has no shortage of options for sun worshipers. 

4. Immerse in Wildlife 

Australia is home to adorable furry creatures like the kangaroo or koala. And no Australian trip is complete without wildlife spotting.

Visit animal sanctuaries where indigenous species are protected. Or,  get out into the wild and experience an Australian safari tour. 

5. Get To Know a Native Culture 

Do you know about Aboriginal Australians? This is the native population of Australia that is said to have existed for more than 70,000 years!

Visiting Australia provides a unique opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of these native people. In the National Museum of Australia, you can learn more about this culture, the history of the country, and other traditions. 

6. Great Weather 

Australia is known for an attractive climate. But, remember when planning your Australian trip, the seasons are opposite to where you may live in the world.

Australian summer is from December to February. While the Australian winter is from June to August. 

7. Metropolitan Cities 

If you love the metropolitan lifestyle and exploring new cities, then you can’t miss what Australia has to offer. The harborfront city of Syndey has countless museums, shopping, world-class dining, and entertainment.

Melbourne is known for its beautiful plazas, shops, and restaurants beside the Yarra River. And if you’re looking for an adventure near Melbourne, check out the booking options for a holiday park near Phillip Island. 

These Reasons to Visit Australia Should Inspire Your Next Getaway 

Have these reasons to visit Australia inspired your next trip? Remember when planning your trip to Australia, don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of places to see or things to do. Choose experiences that match your travel interests.

From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to metropolitan cities, Australia can match every traveler’s dream and taste. If you found these Australia travel tips helpful, check out our other travel stories.