The Top 5 Best Midlife Career Changes to Consider in 2021

Coronavirus has sent shockwaves through the economy, and many people have been laid off. Of those made redundant, around half are still unemployed.

So if you’re considering a new career, you’re not alone. Making career moves can feel daunting, but there are plenty of options available for all stages of life. 

If you’re sick of your boss, the daily grind, or low pay, it’s time to learn about the best midlife career changes for your dream job. 

Read on to learn about the 5 best career changes in 2021. 

1. Personal Trainer

After the closure of many gyms in 2020, people are itching to get fit and healthy. So if you’ve ever thought about becoming a personal trainer, now’s the time.

You’ll be helping people meet their goals by designing exercise programs and measuring their progress. Getting certified as a personal trainer isn’t tricky. You can complete a short-course online program to get started and then upskill at any time.

2. Cosmetologist

Cosmetology is the study of beauty treatments; this includes hair, skin, nails, and cosmetics. You can work as a general cosmetologist or specialize in a particular area. 

The great thing about cosmetology as a second career is that you always learn new things. The initial training is around 9-15 months, but after that, you can always go on extra courses to upskill at any time. 

3. Dental Assistant 

If you want to spend time in the dentist’s office, a career as a dental assistant could be for you. You need accreditation to work as a dental assistant, but the training can be done in as little as 9 months. 

Furthermore, the employment of dental assistant jobs is due to growing 7% between 2019-2029. That’s faster than most industries, and so employment is a sure thing if you train as a dental assistant. 

The mean pay for a dental assistant is $41,180 per year. 

4. Virtual Assistant 

If you want freelance work that’s flexible and lets you work from home, consider advertising yourself as a virtual assistant (VA). As a VA, you’ll be in charge of planning, scheduling, and doing admin work for your client. 

If you’re looking to change careers, VA work is great because you’ll likely already have life experience that’ll make you adept at this job. You can also complete short online courses to upskill yourself.  

5. Life Coach 

Finally, life coaching can be an exciting option for a second career. If you want to work one on one, helping people be more organized, happier, and find their life purpose, you should become a life coach. 

Training can be done quickly, and you can start work as soon as you’re certified. If you’re wondering how to become a life coach, you need to find a great course to get you started. 

The Top 5 Best Midlife Career Changes

So there are the best midlife career changes for you to think about in 2021; it’s never too late to make a change. 

These 5 jobs have the potential to give you job satisfaction without needing to re-train through university. 

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