6 Criteria for Choosing a Preschool

Children need plenty of time to play, but there comes a time when your child is ready for structured learning as well. A preschool may help your child make the transition from day care to kindergarten, but how do you know which one to choose?


Perhaps the first thing you will discover about a preschool is its reputation. If many parents in your community rave about a particular place, put it on your list of candidates. You will likely hear mixed reviews about every school, so take comments with a grain of salt and always evaluate facilities in person before making your final decision.


Once you have a few institutions in mind, research online to determine what beliefs are at the core of each one. Find some whose guiding philosophies match your values. Many parents favor schools that employ a balanced learning approach Cypress TX. Balanced learning allows children to play and explore, which often means more education and less frustration.


Visit your candidate preschools and assess how safe they seem to be. Are the grounds relatively tidy, with certain areas clearly marked for different activities? Are playsets, classroom furniture and toys in good condition? What about supervision? Needs vary according to age and activity, but in general, the lower the student-to-teacher ratio, the better.


When you visit a facility, watch the interactions between adults and children. Instructors and aides should foster a nurturing environment and inspire trust. Misbehavior should be met swiftly, with an emphasis on correction rather than punishment.


A preschool’s proximity to your home or work can make a huge difference in your daily life. A stellar program is worth some inconvenience, but your area and tolerance for traffic will determine how far away is too far. In general, try not to double your work commute.


Some experts recommend keeping child care and preschool expenses to approximately 10% of your household budget. However, many families exceed that or even double it to give their children a head start during these crucial learning years.