Why should you use a VPN for streaming Netflix?


Streaming TV shows and movies online is rapidly taking over from DVDs and catch up on various different television channels. The simple effort of being able to choose what you want to watch and when you want to watch it has wide appeal and new users are signing up in their thousands.

Just think, at the same time you are watching one of your favourites movies on Netflix, there are also millions of others doing the same thing. This is the reason why you should be using a VPN for watching Netflix.

Streaming and hackers

All streaming services such as Netflix have many of their own inbuilt security and safety features which are all designed to keep users’ data safe from hackers. However, just because the streaming service offers protection, it doesn’t mean your device is as well protected. If a hacker gets in to your device they can also gain entry to your open accounts. 

While streaming  a show you are leaving the portal open for a considerable space of time, so a hacker could get in to your system, pinch a large sum of money from your bank account and then leave without you knowing about it until it was too late.

How does having a VPN make a difference?

Hooking up to the Internet through a VPN may seem very much like a normal at the office. However, it is far from it.

It is true, once the initial set up of a VPN on your chosen device, it will seem like you are logging on to the Internet as normal, just through a different program. Yet, the big difference is that instead of connecting your device to the Internet, you are instead logging on to the world wide web through a different device. 

By accessing the Internet through a separate, remote device you are making it very difficult for anyone to trace you. Having a private connection will take you so far, but combined with the encrypted wavelengths from a VPN, it is almost impossible for a hacker or cyber attacker to gain entry on to your current browsing session. 

Finding the right VPN

Searching for Netflix vpn online is always a good place to start, but our advice is to not jump in with the first VPN service provider you see. There are many different elements to look at so it’s best to take your time and make sure that you are joining up with the service that suits you best.

All the VPN service providers will provide a said level of safety and security for you and your personal data, but there can be variances in the stats. For example, some providers may be able to offer you a higher download speed than others. This factor is undeniably useful, but if it is something you are not too concerned about, it may not be enough to persuade you to sign up with that particular provider.