Why Organize a Virtual Career Fair?

Job fairs have long served as a way to attract and pre-screen many potential job candidates simultaneously and in one place. But two factors have diminished their effectiveness.

First, the growing movement to source talent where it lives rather than limiting it to local areas is making live job fairs obsolete. Second, technology and best practices for telecommuting have completed the requirement to live and work in the same spotless important for knowledge-based jobs than it once was, allowing organizations to search for qualified global candidates. The other factor is the increased time and expense with travel and renting a space to hold a career fair.

There are two general types of top virtual career fair platforms on the market. One is a simple website with a chat window where attendees can chat with recruiters at a designated time. On the other hand, a top virtual career fair platform is a more robust solution that mimics a physical career fair with branded showrooms, booths, webinars, and a resource center.

Budget-conscious organizations that want the basics can opt for a chat-only site. At the same time, businesses that want to build their brand could have a wow factor and include more features such as a welcome, resource center, booths, educational webcasts, opting for a top virtual career fair platform.

Top virtual career fair platforms take the showroom online, which generates the same high-volume interaction between recruiters and candidates without breaking social distance codes. A virtual job fair allows employers and job seekers to connect through an online platform. 

In addition to being cost-effective and time-saving, top virtual career fair platforms offer a way to improve recruitment marketing, easily track ROI, and offer access to highly qualified prospects from across the country. 

Just because online career fairs are held online doesn’t mean they are impersonal. On the contrary, one of the most popular features of an online career fair is facilitating one-on-one interactions between recruiters and candidates, among the many benefits to both job seekers and companies. 

Easy access: It doesn’t matter where the ideal candidate for a company is; with an online career fair, recruiters can interact with candidates from anywhere in the world, increasing the odds of finding the right person for the job. 

Cost-effectiveness: the cost of virtual career fairs is dramatically lower than an in-person event. Therefore, you can reallocate funds to other aspects of your business. 

Time savings: virtual job exhibits can be set up relatively quickly by hiring recruiting teams and managers. 

Easily track ROI: recruiters can easily rate the quality of candidates directly on the virtual event platform. Thus, following the ROI of your event and collect essential data from enriching your recruiting strategy. 

Enhanced recruitment marketing: an online event means you will be doing most of your marketing virtually. You can target candidate lists from your database with an invitation instead of sorting through who stops by your booth in person. 

Top virtual career fair platforms can quickly become the centerpiece of your recruitment strategy. Many candidates prefer organizations that demonstrate that they improve the selection process and offer a tailored experience to candidates.