Why Moissanite Engagement Rings are becoming so popular?

A huge revolution has been noticed in the world of jewelry and diamond cutting which has led to a lot of innovations and as a result encouraged the use of moissanite rings and one of the major reasons supporting it is that moissanite can also be shaped to look similar to that of diamonds. The moissanite rings sparkle, shine, and also enhances the looks with its beauty as well as clarity. This amazing gemstone is a unique creation that is best in uniting two people concerning their wedding or engagements.

Why do people choose Moissanite Rings instead of Diamonds?

An engagement ring is always precious because of its amazing craftsmanship, related to a rich history and cultural heritage and apart from these, its design, as well as composition, also plays a very vital role. Though diamond has been an integral part of the wedding, still it has become very much traditional since its massive use in engagements and weddings and ultimately it has become very common. But, though many people love to buy diamonds looking at their future investments, there are a lot of people who are not comfortable in buying diamonds because of the price and various other reasons. Therefore, these are the reasons that have replaced the diamonds and thereby increasing the popularity of Moissanites and it is also believed that its demand would be increasing at a higher rate in the next few years.

These Cheap Engagement Rings if compared to the authenticity of diamonds and various other gems such as sapphire and ruby, Moissanites are also equal and have been playing an integral part especially in the worldwide market of engagement rings. The retailers as well as the craftsmen have given equal labor for its growth. Various craftsmen and ring makers have given a lot of labor on this gem in many ways for normal people to identify the same as an alternative for diamonds. Moissanites come with a very authentic look and it easily catches your attention and connects with your heart. Also, because of its reasonable prices, the ring makers refer moissanite engagement rings as a reward especially for those who cannot afford diamond but at the same time need a gemstone that possesses the similar features and properties of diamond.

Similar to that of the diamonds, these moissanites are also filled with that gleam and sparkle and are also handled by the skilled craftsmen. These amazing wonders of carbon and silicon are polished and cut in the best possible way so that it easily fits in the most artistic designs and on the other it remains tough and resistant to scratches or breakage similar to the diamonds and therefore are also guaranteed to last even fifty years after the marriage along with its looks remaining intact. Moissanites are very much similar to diamonds and after they are polished, cut, and fitted in the right ring, it gives a very nice glow and looks gorgeous, exactly the way you expect from a good quality engagement ring.

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How had these Moissanites originated?

The beautiful moissanite gem had originated around fifty thousand years back, when a meteorite had crashed in the desert of Arizona, thereby creating a huge meteor crater that had fragmented it across a huge area on the sand. Until 1893, the fragments had been there till it was discovered by a Noble Prize winner Scientist, Mr. Henry Moissan. To understand its nature, he started studying these fragments and he also found a nice stone sparkling and also looked similar to a diamond. It was followed by various developments in order to launch these moissanites commercially since it was understood that this would be a good alternative for a diamond. These were made of silicon carbide and initially, it was found in very small quantities.

George Kunz, a world-renowned gemologist as well as a mineralogist working for a firm named Tiffany & Co. had made the first-ever creation of moissanites and moissanite rings and even named them in honor of Mr. Moissan who had discovered it. Though it took some time to be produced around the world and gaining so much of popularity and as a result creation of a few stunning pieces of jewelry. This gem is highly valuable and is also able to hold its shine in the same way if compared with the diamonds and its sparkle and shine lasts for generations and thereby making it very attractive.

What do you need to remember when you are buying a Moissanite Ring?

A few things need to be remembered and when it comes to choosing the right moissanite ring, its shape and cut plays a very vital role and therefore the one with the square cut is very famous. Few other popular cuts of the gem especially in case of engagement purposes include the one that is considered to be a very cosmopolitan one i.e. princess of a round cut. Apart from the above, moissanite is found to be having very good clarity and it is much better than most of the gems and also, its colors are simply awesome and as a result, increases the attractiveness of the gem. Many of the moissanite are having their own unique glow and the champagne colored gem is absolutely brilliant.  Still, the one that is colorless is the best in looks, having a very classy feature, and a lot of people buy the same for wedding or engagement purposes. It is in fact, the best suitable ring for an engagement having attractive looks, sparkle, and shine similar to that of a diamond.

Last but not the least; Moissanites have become very famous and popular and the moissanite rings are widely used in weddings as well as engagement purposes. Over the next few years, it is believed that its demand would rise two to three times more than the present in the global markets. A few of the major reasons supporting its huge popularity is its similar looks, resistance to breakage as well as scratches, and lastly, its affordable prices. People have gladly accepted it as an alternative to the costly diamonds.