What to Look for in a Paper Shredding Company?

We all know that offices produce enough paper waste and have piles of outdated files and documents that need to be shredded on time. If you too are looking for one of the reputed commercial paper shredding companies, look into the following factors before hiring a company.

NAID AAA certification 

NAID stands for the national association of information destruction. It is an internationally recognised body that sets the rules and guidelines which every company is obliged to follow during paper shredding. When you hire a shredding company, you must check if it’s NAID AAA certified. Hiring a NAID certified company ensures top-class services and Maximum protection of your data and files.

On-site or off-site shredding service

A few residential shredding service providers offer on-site services while some offer off-site services. It’s better to choose an on-site service providing company because in that case, the entire shredding process takes place in front of your eyes. The shredding company brings a truck to the site and destroy the files using their latest technologies. When the truck leaves, it would carry the waste to be recycled and reused.

Worker hiring policies 

Before you decide to hire any of the professional shredding companies, make sure you enquire the manager about their hiring policies. Know whether they check the background of the workers before recruiting them. You can even examins the relationship between the workers and the management of that company.

Security measures implemented

The company must have 24*7 CCTV surveillance. Most importantly, CCTV in and around the shredding grounds is a necessity. Workers must always be under constant check. No one should get the chance to practice unfair things without being noticed.

Customer feedbacks 

You must look into their relationship with their clients. Don’t forget to check the kind and quality of services they have been providing so far. Look for companies having a good and satisfactory client- management relationship.

The development of science and technology has equally been a boon and a bane. With increasing digitalisation, the risk of identity theft and cybercrimes is also increasing. Hence, it’s important to ensure the safety of your confidential documents when you hand them over to other shredding companies. Contact the most trusted and popular shredding paper fort Collins service provider for a safe and secure shredding process.