What Is an Outpatient Rehab Center?

At any given time, there are usually around 20 million Americans with a substance abuse disorder. An outpatient rehab center can offer fast and effective treatment for those individuals.

Choosing the right outpatient rehab is an important decision. Each outpatient rehab center operates differently. Read on to learn more about these important centers in our outpatient rehab center guide.

What Is an Outpatient Rehab Center?

Outpatient rehab is non-residential, meaning the process doesn’t demand time away from home. Individuals who undergo therapy for drug and addiction programs continue living at home. The therapy sessions at outpatient rehab centers follow a set schedule.

Outpatient Versus In-Patient Rehab

Outpatient programs differ from in-patient rehab programs. In-patient programs come with a commitment to live at a rehab center. This is for a set period of time, which can sometimes mean months.

In-patient rehab programs are typically reserved for individuals with severe addiction issues. Inpatient programs afford greater stability for people on the brink of relapse.

For patients who undergo outpatient programs, their normal life basically continues to same. Both outpatient and in-patient programs offer unique benefits. Both are proven effective in helping men and women end addictions

What Happens at an Outpatient Rehab Center?

Once you find the best outpatient rehab center, the medical staff develops a treatment plan. Individuals who are undergoing rehabilitation are usually asked about their medical background. History of addiction and family history of addiction are also inquired into.

The time commitments will vary depending on the factors related to a client’s addiction. An outpatient rehab center may need as little as a few hours a week while others may ask for several hours of attendance per day.

Medication may be prescribed, and outside medical services may be recommended. There are always rules that must be followed as part of the treatment program. Passing drug tests is one example.

Regular therapy programs and take-home assignments are also common parts of rehab therapy.

Is an Outpatient Rehab Center Right for Me?

Outpatient rehab programs are generally recommended for people who have a mild to moderate addiction. They also should have a strong support network.

The program requires access to reliable transportation. Candidates should be highly motivated to attend sessions and complete treatment requirements. Rehab staff will look for patients who have a low risk of medical complications or withdrawal.

Sometimes, drug addiction may lead to significant withdrawal symptoms. In those dangerous cases, in-patient rehab programs may be better. Rehab centers are medically equipped to handle extreme drug withdrawal symptoms.

Learn More About Drug Rehab

An outpatient rehab center is just one of several options available. Are you ready to begin recovering from drug addiction? you can reach out to a local drug rehab center directly.

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