Style Icons: The 5 Most Stylish Men Out There

In the old days, fashion was something that men had to acknowledge with a certain level of feigned disinterest. One had to keep up enough with trends not to feel left out, but not show enough of an interest to draw negative interest. Not that there was much to see. Until within the past few years, mens’ fashion seemed stagnant with the classic suit-and-tie profile.

If you’ve recently developed an interest in fashion, you might be wondering who you can look to as fashion icons. Our list of the 5 most stylish men in the world will help you find your inspirations.

1. Harry Styles

No list of the most stylish men of our time would be complete without mentioning the ever-daring Harry Styles. His playful relation between fashion and traditional gender expression shows that men can indulge in ruffles, sparkles, and frills without sacrificing a mote of their masculinity. This provides a much-needed breath of fresh air to an industry long rendered stagnant.

2. Lil Nas X

If there’s one word to describe Lil Nas X’s fashion sense, it’s bold. Bold and experimental. He wears those elements he loves without fear or shame.

He finds a way to incorporate elements of his life story into each outfit he chooses for himself, making him a plain standout in the world of male fashion icons.

3. Timothée Chalamet

In a list of well-dressed men, Timothée Chalamet stands head and shoulders above many others. His innocent looks and flair for androgynous outfits with bejeweled elements make him a trendsetter. (As well as a top candidate for the most stylish man on lists of the most stylish male celebrities.)

4. Cam Newton

Many of the male fashion icons we’ve listed on this list come from the music or acting industry. Cam Newton, however, stands out as a style icon from the world of sports. The Carolina Panthers player is well known for his array of stylish hats. Thus, many have taken to calling unique and fashionable headwear Cam Newton hats.

5. Tom Holland

Tom Holland’s earnestness comes through in his facial features and his overall sense of style. He is one of the few on this list that appears equally fashionable in casual and formal environments. His fashion tends towards casual chic, and yet, he still manages to remain one of the most stylish male celebrities today.

What Do These Most Stylish Men Have in Common?

What’s the one element that many of these most stylish male celebrities have in common? Freedom. Whether it’s the freedom to play with more feminine clothing or wear bold, experimental colors and styles, they rebel against what has been the norm in mens’ fashion for years.

Looking for Male Fashion Icons and Inspiration?

Now that you know about 5 of the most stylish men around today, are you looking for more male fashion icons to use as inspiration? If so, then check out our blog for more hot fashion guides like this one!