What Are the Main Benefits of Colloidal Silver?

Does using silver as medicine sound crazy to you?

It’s not new. Silver has been used for millennia for a range of health concerns, and doctors continue to use it today.

In modern times, many people wondering how to be healthier are turning to colloidal silver. It’s a dietary supplement that many people use as a homeopathic remedy for many different health challenges.

Is colloidal silver right for you? Keep reading. You’ll learn what this supplement is and the benefits that colloidal silver might be able to offer you.

Wait, What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a health supplement that consists of tiny particles of silver suspended in a liquid.

You can use colloidal silver by:

  • Applying it topically to the skin
  • Using it as a treatment for wounds
  • Drinking the supplement
  • Spraying it into your nasal cavities

Colloidal silver comes in a variety of preparations. Some types of colloidal silver have larger particles, and others only use specific types of silver. Before purchasing and using any health supplements, read all the product information to make sure it’s the type you want.

Colloidal Silver Uses: Wound Healing

Before antibiotics were invented, physicians used silver foil to prevent wound infection. Today, doctors still use silver-based products to prevent infections in:

Research also promotes using silver-infused dressings for necrotizing fasciitis, a life-threatening bacterial skin infection.

Many people use colloidal silver topically in response to skin and wound infections.

You can apply it to minor cuts and scrapes that are at risk of infection. You can even use it for relief of skin irritations like razor burn, bug bites and stings, rashes, and more.

Immune Support

Because silver has antimicrobial properties, many people take colloidal silver orally to boost their immune system. It might be right for you if you struggle with:

  • Seasonal cold and flu
  • Sinus infections
  • Viral or bacterial pneumonia
  • Ear or eye infections

With traditional antibiotics, bacteria can mutate and develop resistance. With colloidal silver, there’s no risk of creating antibiotic resistance. That means you can keep using it over and over, without worrying about antibiotic overuse.

Avoid Colloidal Silver Side Effects

While colloidal silver has been linked to side effects like argyria (blue-tinted skin), you can avoid these and other side effects. Make sure to choose a high-quality colloidal silver preparation and avoid taking too much.

Taking the right dose is easy with this colloidal silver dosage chart. It gives you the recommended dosage by weight for adults, children, and even pets!

What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver? Now You Know

With so many health supplements to choose from, it’s important to choose the right one for you. Now, you know the benefits of colloidal silver. You can even avoid any side effects!

Ready for more holistic knowledge? Keep reading our blog to learn even more!