What Are the Different Types of Engagement Rings That Exist Today?

Your relationship is special. It’s a unique partnership. It’s the perfect blending of two worlds, creating one rock-solid love.

So rock-solid, in fact, that you’ve decided to pop the question. Get down on one knee (or not—up to you!). Make this thing officially official.

Realizing you want to spend the rest of your life with someone is easy. It comes to you like an epiphany, an aha moment. Now comes the hard part:

Choosing between the many types of engagement rings out there—because, just like love, rings aren’t one-size-fits-all (literally and figuratively). From simple gold bands to elaborate black diamonds, and everything between, there’s no lack of options.

In this tell-all guide, we help you narrow down the several choices to the one that’s meant to be. Your spouse will thank you later!

Simple and Solitaire for a Classic Look

The solitaire style is aptly named due to its single, solitary stone, typically a diamond.

To allow the diamond to remain the center of attention, the rest of the ring stays simple. Think a plain, thin band (gold or silver) with a clawed or pronged setting. 

This ring is the perfect option for someone with more traditional or classic tastes. If your partner has a clean, sleek style, this will likely suit their tastes. It’s one of the best engagement rings as it stands the test of time and trends. 

Black Diamonds for Something Cool and Contemporary

Perhaps you love your partner because they’re untraditional. They’re unique, with interesting tastes and a style that’s as special as they are.

If that’s the case, you may want to consider something like a Black Diamonds engagement ring—their offerings are ideal for someone who dances to the beat of their own drum!

Think beautiful black diamonds encased in a Gothic setting, or something even rarer, like coffin-cut Moissanite, an Angel’s wings design, or a black rose. These uncommon engagement ring styles pair beautifully with like wedding rings, so be sure to consider that as you shop!

Clustered Diamonds to Let Your Love Sparkle

Is your lover not afraid of a little something extra? Do they regularly don brilliant outfits, fancy jewelry, fun hair-dos, or elaborate makeup?

It sounds like they’d be the ideal candidate for rocking an engagement ring that features the clustered design.

Cluster rings come in two types. You might choose a cluster of stones that are all different shapes, sizes, or colors. The other type features one primary stone surrounded by smaller versions of that stone.

Both looks are cohesive in their own way, but the former might be better for someone with less conventional tastes. If your sweetie appreciates something more time-honored, they’d probably fall head over heels for the latter version (the same way they fell for you).

Let Your Love Glow With a Pavé Setting

Does your partner love to talk with their hands?

Perhaps they’re an animated, happy, over-the-top-in-the-best-possible-way person that simply shines. They’re always smiling or making the people in their lives smile. What can you gift the person that imparts so much light?

If this sounds like your partner, a pavé ring could be just the thing.

This style of ring typically features one larger stone (it could be a diamond, or it could be something else, like an emerald!). The band itself is embedded with several other stones, which could match the primary one or just complement it. Some people choose embedded stones that have significant meanings (like birthstones), while others match the embedded stones to the primary one.

The best part about this ring is its ability to sparkle and shine. It’s dainty yet subtly flashy—the perfect balance for the happy person you’re about to spend the rest of your life with!

For Added Significance, Consider a Trilogy Ring

Trilogy rings feature—you guessed it—three different stones.

Most trilogy rings, also called three-stone rings, have one larger stone in the center, flanked by two matching stones on each side. The rings are held in place by a clawed or pronged setting. The rest of the band stays simple—gold, silver, rose gold.

What do we mean by “added significance”?

Well, as if an engagement ring wasn’t enough of a testament to your love, trilogy rings have an added special meaning. They’re a symbol of pastpresent, and future. Some consider them a symbol of youme, and us. Regardless of the meaning you want to attach to your ring, this style can deliver the message.

Cathedral Rings for Cathedral-Sized Love

Another incredibly popular option is a cathedral ring, which is aptly named because it resembles a cathedral. 

This setting entails one primary stone, typically a diamond, help up by two graceful prongs on each side. These arches delicately frame the stone, letting it be the star of the show. 

Stones on cathedral rings are often rectangular in shape, but some individuals opt for a square or pillow shape. Regardless, the message is clear: your love is as big as the tallest buildings!

Say “I Do” to One of These Types of Engagement Rings

Before you pop the question, you’ve got to say “Yes” to an engagement ring!

This guide touches on some of the styles available today, but keep in mind that we’ve only touched the surface. Feel free to dive deeper into all the many types of engagement rings.

Remember—you’ve got the rest of your lives to go, so take your time choosing the best design for your sweetheart. If all goes well, they’ll be wearing it forever!

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