How To Dress Up Jeans: 10 Ways To Make Your Denim Stand Out | StyleCaster

Like other types of pants, jeans pants require a bit of wrangling to get them on and off. The growing trend towards difficulty putting jeans on is especially prevalent in women’s jeans pants. Luckily there are ways around the problem to keep you looking stylish while not getting stuck trying to put your cool new jeans on.

Mild Exfoliation

One great way to make it so the skin does not get caught during the process is by using a mild exfoliator or body scrub before starting. This will remove loose skin particles and dead skin cells so they will not get stuck between your skin and the pants’ fabric when pulling them on and off for fitting and removal after you are dressed.

Deodorant Spray

It is important to know ways to put on your Joseph Ribkoff jeans. One method that helps is using the deodorant spray for getting the pants on. The chemicals make the fabric slick and slippery. With this, your skin easily glides over it when fitting and removal.

Shaving Cream

Using shaving creams or shave gel can also make a difference in how smoothly you get your jeans on and off. Unlike the deodorant spray, these products are used with water and applied generously, which is more of a light application hybrid between body oil/lotion and deodorant Do not use it as lotion. Shave cream is great for making sure you glide without catching or snagging.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Using petroleum jelly before starting is an excellent way to ensure that the skin does not get caught in the pants. Petroleum jelly has a thicker consistency than deodorant spray and shaves cream, so it adheres better during the process without sacrificing ease of use or final results.

Crisco Shortening

One common ingredient for baking, Crisco shortening, can also be used as a lubricant when putting on your jeans for wrangling. Like petroleum jelly, Crisco provides a smooth surface for slipping over any fabric, but unlike petroleum jelly, it will not leave a greasy or oily residue after you apply it once before dressing.

Lighter Fluid

In extreme cases, make-up remover can work to remove the pants quickly without getting stuck in them. Make-up remover is made to remove residue gently so it will not irritate the skin too much after prolonged use.

Lubricating oil products can be useful for additional ease when putting on your jeans, but often these lubricants leave greasiness behind that detracts from the overall look of the pants and how they fit over time. Hence, it is not recommended.

The usual way to put on jeans pants is by zipping them up, pulling them down, and stepping into them. This process can be done too quickly, however. For example, the zipper could break, or someone might accidentally pour ketchup all over your pants. A better method involves undoing the pants’ buttons, pulling them over one’s legs, and then re-buttoning them. This way, one can check to see if they have any ketchup stains on their pants before committing to a day of wearing jeans.