Unexpected Jobs Firefighters Do

TV shows and books make firefighting seem like an intense job with constant dangerous infernos popping up everywhere. Although fighting fires is a major part of a fire fighter’s regular life, there are quite a few other jobs that these local heroes help with. A classic cartoon example is rescuing cats that are stranded in trees, but for more common and realistic examples, look no farther than this list.

Medical Emergencies

One of the most common reasons a firefighter goes out is to help with medical emergencies. Those on fire teams are almost always trained as EMTs or paramedics so that in any situation, they can quickly respond to the needs of the injured. Obviously injuries can occur at fires, but when a dispatch is sent that someone is in need of urgent medical care, the closest responders may be firefighters. Even before seeking firefighter certification online, anyone who wishes to become a part of such a team should consider getting basic medical training.

Accident Response

There are many hazardous situations occurring at a given time. Some of these involve fires, but others are not explosive or flammable in nature. Fire teams need to be prepared to handle all sorts of emergencies from car accidents to falls. Firefighters bring along many tools from the life-saving jaws of life that help extricate people trapped in vehicles to basic supplies including water and blankets. Accidents range from hazardous material spills that cover hundreds of miles down to single-person incidents, so these responders always have to be prepared.

Fire Safety Education

Although nearly everyone has attended a fire safety class at some point, fire safety education isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind if you ask, what does a firefighter do. Classes in schools, businesses and residences provide essential education for citizens everywhere and help prevent accidents. This critical job is a regular part of nearly every firefighter’s duties.

Equipment Maintenance

Most of the work that goes into responding to emergencies comes in the form of preparation. Fire teams spend much of their time cleaning, fixing, and organizing equipment to ensure everything is ready to go as soon as a call comes in. This might seem boring compared to the heroic work of battling an inferno, but it’s just as important.

Some of the most memorable parts of a firefighter’s career include saving people from burning buildings and helping stop the spread of fires. Of course, this is necessary, but there are many other jobs that are just as important and worthy of gratitude toward these brave professionals.