Top 4 Ideas for Modern Business Card Design

We have social media, YouTube, and SEO, so business cards are all but obsolete, right? Not even close to the truth. About 27 million business cards are still printed daily.

That doesn’t mean that you can skate by with plain white cards anymore as you could in another era. Business cards are more creative and sophisticated than ever, and you can get big results when you put effort into the design and creation.

The points below will assist you when you’d like to incorporate modern business card design tips that’ll make a difference.

  1. Color Scheme Is Everything

When you’re going to design a business card, start by choosing the right colors. About 93% of customers are concerned with or affected by color when they decide to make a purchase.

Every color that you choose makes a difference, so put some thought into the effect that you’re creating with your business card color scheme. Red might create a sense of urgency or alarm, while colors like yellow and blue are calming and serene. Know what feeling you’d like to impart so that your business cards hit their mark.

  1. Incorporate QR Code Technology

The best business card design for your company should include as much information about you as possible. Cluttering the card with text will turn people off and make certain that yours ends up in the trash.

You can offer an infinite amount of information by including a QR code that links to your site or social media pages. Today’s smartphones can scan these QR codes using the camera, and in seconds your card recipients will have all the information they need to know about you.

  1. Choose Quality Materials

Your business card should always feel like it’s made with quality materials. When at all possible, hold the card stock in your hand and consider what impression it gives you. Companies today are also using metal and even wood materials when printing business cards.

Choose the materials that best convey your brand so that you get the results that you’re looking for.

  1. Use a Memorable Design

Work with graphic designers that can create an impression with your cards. They will sit down with you to figure out what effect you’re going for and will use their artistic prowess to make it a reality.

You will get several mockups to choose between and can build a design from scratch that is attention-grabbing, artistically sound, and most importantly, on-brand. Incorporating new era print solutions prevents your business cards from becoming passe. Working with the best designers and print shops will help you come up with cards that you’ll be proud to hand out to people.

Master Modern Business Card Design

Using modern business card design principles will carry you far when you are able to put it all together. Let these four points steer you in the right direction. Come up with a budget for your cards so that you can order a batch today.

Start with these five points and read our other articles to learn more about marketing and branding.