The World’s Most Popular Pizza Toppings


Every year, 12.5 million pizzas are sold in the US.

There are many reasons why this popular dish is beloved, but the most notable is perhaps the endless opportunities for customization and the fact that it can serve as a meal for any occasion.

Whether you’re a committed, home-baked pizzaiolo or prefer the ease of takeaway or delivery, those who enjoy this dish have no doubt wondered which toppings are the most popular.

Here, we discuss some of the most loved pizza toppings for the home cook to try.

  1. Cheesy Cheese

Cheese is so popular that it is the number one topping in Europe and the United States. It is also the most popular topping in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Many different types of cheese can be used on pizza and each type of cheese has its unique flavor.

Mozzarella is one of the most popular and it has a mild flavor that goes well with many different toppings. Parmesan is another one. It has a sharp flavor that goes well with many different toppings.

  1. Pepperoni

According to some, pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the world. This is likely because it is a versatile topping that can be added to any pizza, whether it is a traditional cheese pizza or a more complicated pie.

Additionally, pepperoni is a lump of flavorful meat that adds a salty kick to any pizza. If you are looking for a delicious and easy-to-eat pizza, then be sure to ask for pepperoni the next time you order.

  1. Sausage

Sausage is one of the best pizza toppings in the United States, Italy, and many other countries. Sausage is typically made from pork, but it can also be made from beef, lamb, or turkey.  

Sausage is a versatile topping that can be used on a variety of pizzas. It is often seasoned with salt, pepper, and various herbs and spices.

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the most popular pizza toppings in the world.

They are often used as a topping for vegetarian and vegan pizzas. Mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D and can be a healthy addition to your diet.

They are savory, earthy, and umami-packed, making them the perfect addition to any pizza.

While mushrooms can be enjoyed on their own, they are often paired with other toppings such as onions, peppers, and sausage. No matter how they are served, mushrooms are sure to please any pizza lover.

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  1. Onions

Onions are loved by people of all ages and can be found on pizzas in almost every country.

It adds a delicious sweetness to pizza and their crunchy texture is a great contrast to the soft dough and melted cheese. They are also healthy, containing vitamins and minerals that are essential for our bodies. 

Whether you like them raw, grilled, or caramelized, onions are a classic pizza topping that will never go out of style. So next time you’re ordering a pizza, don’t forget the onions!

The Most Popular Pizza Toppings

Pizza is a versatile dish that can be made to suit any taste. The most popular pizza toppings vary from country to country, but some of the most common include pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and cheese.

Whatever your favorite toppings may be, there’s sure to be a pizza out there for you. So why not grab a slice or two today?

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