The Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

Are you wondering if there are any benefits of playing video games? Not sure if video games are bad or good for you?

While video games have gotten a bad rap over the years, the truth is that they can actually be pretty beneficial for players. While there can be too much of a good thing, playing video games in moderation might be well worth it.

Here are some of the top health benefits of playing video games that you need to know about.

1. Boosts Problem-Solving Skills

One of the top benefits of playing video games is that they can teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Many games have puzzle-solving as a central gameplay mechanic. Beyond puzzle games like Tetris, even many adventure games and shooting games require a lot of problem-solving as well.

While video games vary quite a bit, those who play games are often able to learn how to think more critically and solve problems. Fortunately, this can also help players when it comes to their studies or solving problems at work as well.

2. Improves Reading Skills

Believe it or not, one of the ways that video games may be beneficial for players is that they can help to improve reading skills for those with dyslexia. One study found that playing an action game improved the reading speed of participants with dyslexia, without an accuracy reduction.

Playing video games seems to be able to help kids with dyslexia to improve their ability to focus and pay attention for significant amounts of time. As a result, those with dyslexia may benefit quite a bit from becoming gamers.

3. Increases Gray Matter in the Brain

While more evidence is still to come, it seems to be likely that playing video games can also help to increase gray matter and boost the functioning of the brain. Playing video games can actually make you smarter and can boost brain function in a variety of ways, enabling you to improve memory and boost brain connectivity.

This increase in gray matter and brain function is not to be ignored and makes for a great excuse to play a video game every now and then.

4. Boosts Physical Activity

While it may seem counterintuitive, these days, more and more video games are providing players with ways to be more active while playing.

From the use of simple motion-sensitive remotes to VR gaming headsets, there are more ways than ever to get off the couch and to move around more while playing video games. This trend will likely continue as time goes on, so gamers will have more and more opportunities to stay physically active while gaming in the future.

5. Increases Memory Capacity

One of the ways that video games might be able to provide benefits to players is by helping them to increase their memory capacities.

One study has found that this is particularly true when playing 3D games. In the study, the people who played 3D games did the best on tasks related to memory skills. 

Because of these benefits, playing video games may be a great choice for people of all ages who want to improve memory function and increase the health of their brains.

6. Manages Mental Health Issues

In addition to improving your mind and mental capabilities, video games may be able to help players to deal with mental health issues as well. Playing video games can improve your mood and can help you to release stress as well.

Video games can help players deal with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. It has been found that those who played Tetris were able to reduce their psychological trauma as a result of playing.

Because of these benefits of playing games, some therapists have even started using video games to help their patients with these mental health issues as well.

7. Improves Vision

While there are detrimental effects of staring at a screen for hours on end, video games can actually help improve your vision in some cases as well.

Playing video games may help players to improve their vision and to better see small details in real life as well. Tasks such as driving or reading may be easier to handle after playing video games.

The visual benefits of video games can be helpful for people in their daily lives and can allow them to better recognize details. It can also help players to counteract the effects of aging as well.

8. Helps Manage Pain

Another benefit of playing video games is that, in addition to helping with mental health, it may also be able to reduce the effects of physical pain as well. There is some evidence that playing video games can reduce chronic pain and help patients better deal with the effects of certain illnesses.

While playing video games can significantly reduce anxiety, it may be able to reduce physical pain as well. Video games give the mind something to focus on and can distract players from their ailments, allowing them to feel better as a result.

Especially if you have the most comfortable gaming chair to use while playing, video games may be able to help you if you suffer from chronic pain.

Considering the Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

If you’re wondering whether there are benefits of playing video games, you should be sure to consider the above information. You may want to start playing video games every now and then if you want to experience the benefits listed above.

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