The Company-Su Moon Entertainment and a Variety of Goals

Su Moon Entertainment is a talent management company founded to serve a specific entertainer. It was founded as an entertainment and talent management company that provides a variety of one-of-a-kind services, including booking, and has offices in New York and California.

The Company Manager will be responsible for assisting with business management goals, objectives, and growth. After researching adequate resources, strategies will be developed to promote goal attainment. The Company Manager will oversee the quality of work performed by Su Moon’s employees to ensure that they are in line with the company’s vision. They will also be responsible for writing reports and maybe representing the company at meetings, events, and conferences.

The Talent Manager will collaborate with the Company Manager to plan acts and conduct marketing research. The Talent Manager will also be in charge of payroll and employee training.

Su Moon Entertainment’s main website will host a slew of independent press releases centred on announcements and job openings. Potential customers will be able to send business queries through callback requests. This page will also include press release links to other publications such as magazines, blogs, and journals.


Su Moon Entertainment’s official website has more information.