4 Best Bachelorette Party Cocktails

There are roughly 2 million marriages per year in the United States. One obvious result of this is a lot of bachelor and bachelorette parties, and with these parties usually come drinks.

Though not every bachelor or bachelorette party involves alcohol, most of them do, so choosing the right drinks is vital. It’s important to note that many people drink differently during special occasions, so a few bottles of beer won’t always cut it.

The right bachelorette party cocktails can take the party to a whole new level. We’ll talk about some of our favorite themed cocktails in the paragraphs below.

1. Unicorn Mimosas

Unicorn mimosas are the ultimate mixture of sweet and wild that every bachelorette party should be. They’re half-liquor, half-candy, and all delicious.

The ingredients for this fun party drink include rock candy and sherbet ice cream. The alcoholic half consists of champagne and an ounce-and-a-half of vodka. The recipe also calls for edible glitter, but that’s probably optional.

2. Nutella Shots

Nutella took the world by storm a few years ago, so naturally, somebody had to put it into a drink. Making this drink requires mixing one ounce each of Bailey’s Irish Cream and vodka with a tablespoon of Nutella.

If you’re looking for a good brand of vodka, we recommend 2XL Swagger. This vodka comes, fittingly, in two varieties: Pink Kitty and Easy Rhino. Both are exotic, sensuous drinks that are great for any party.

The actual drink isn’t the only exciting part of this cocktail. The shot glass itself has Nutella and sprinkles around the rim. Feel free to experiment with this last part. While sprinkles are traditional, there are almost certainly other candies that could work.

3. Vodka Slushies

If you like your vodka with a bit of a twist, this drink is for you. To make this drink, mix vodka and ice cubes in a blender. This is the most basic example of a vodka slushie.

There are multiple recipes for vodka slushies, and most of them add fruits or other ingredients to enhance the flavor. With this in mind, feel free to try all sorts of recipes or even make your own.

It’s important to note when making these that only the fruit juices will freeze, and the vodka will just get cold. The freezing point of alcohol is astonishingly low. Vodka freezes at about 16 degrees below zero, and most of it isn’t even alcohol.

4. Sex on the Beach

One of the most popular bachelorette party cocktails out there is also one of the most variable drinks out there. This drink consists of 2 ounces apiece of orange and cranberry juice, poured over ice with an ounce-and-a-half of vodka and an ounce of peach schnapps.

This is just one recipe, though. In addition to sex on the beach, people have also made sex in the driveway, sex in the jungle, sex in the city, and a whole host of others.

The Best Bachelorette Party Cocktails

Bachelorette parties are an amazing thing. They represent a woman’s last night of being single, so it’s important to do it right.

Doing it right means getting the right bachelorette party cocktails. We’ve talked about a few of our favorites, but there are seemingly infinite cocktails to try.

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