Summer Sports for Kids: Fun Ways to Keep Active

Adults tend to think of kids as being active only during recess and organized sports after school. But that’s not the case for kids all over the world.

Many kids spend their free time playing different activities to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. There are some great summer sports for kids that you can do on your own or with your family and friends.

Check out these summer sports for kids to help make the summer one of the best it’s ever been.


Archery is an excellent sport for kids who love shooting arrows for sport or target practice. It gets kids active, but it teaches them about responsibility and teamwork.

And, it could be a great way to make friends with other kids or other parents who are avid archers. Kids can learn how to shoot with a compound bow, recurve bow, or crossbow.

When it comes to shooting, keep it fun and make sure the beat of your heart is still so the muscles can get used to it. It could also be a great way to connect with nature and make your outdoor area more inviting.


Golf is a low-impact sport that can help kids stay active and healthy. Plus, it’s a great social sport that can introduce kids to critical life skills, like showing respect for others, keeping good time, and making good decisions. 

Kids can start with golf clubs with smaller heads or putters that won’t let them hit a ball far but are easier to handle. As they grow, the focus can shift to longer clubs meant for hitting balls a long way. 

Golf for kids allows your children to have fun while getting some fresh air.


Biking is an affordable and safe way for kids to stay active and have fun outdoors. You can bike on trails, pavement, or on a dirt path.

There are plenty of bike riding gear and accessories designed for kids, like kid-specific helmets, kid-specific seats, kid-specific bike shoes, and kid-specific helmets with visors.


Kids who enjoy camping will love the low-impact activity of setting up a tent and camping out in nature. Outdoor activities like camping are great kid activities for your kids and the entire family.

The number of outdoor sports you can partake in while camping is limitless; you’ve just got to get ready to have the time of your life. We’ve warned you: after you go camping, your kids won’t want to come back.

Summer Sports for Kids: Taking Control of Summer Break

There are countless summer sports for kids that will make this summer one to remember. From camping to golfing, all you’ve got to do is plan for the activity and let your children loose to have fun.

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